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  • Any recomendations for online divorce companies?
  • Premier Icon lowey

    Agreed grounds, childcare and finances already with ex.

    Not too confident about the full diy route so was wondering if anyone has used any of the fixed fee online ones and can recommend any.

    Cheers all.


    How long have you been seperated (i.e. not living together)?

    After a separation of two years you can get a non-contested divorce – basically you both fill out a form, sign and send it off. A couple of other forms appear to sign and send off, then it’s all done.

    It’s very simple (said from sad experience…)


    Look at wikivorce for DIY divorce advice

    Have done all DIY so far, but planning to use them for the financial side of things (clean break agreement )

    (2 year separation before kicking things off in my case also)

    b r

    Why not just go local?

    Does the 2 year one still stand if there are kids involved?


    Yeah, I should add that my ex and I had no children, the split was amicable and the money situation was fairly simple, so no legal advice was needed.


    If you go to your local family court office you can do the paperwork yourself

    Premier Icon lowey

    Completely uncontested.

    As I said, agreed a clean break financially, childcare agreed and working, ground are 2 year separation.

    I’m not confident on the DIY although it does not look too intimidating, but i just want to make sure its right.

    Wikivorse do their own solicitor managed divorce for 279 plus costs so just over 700. Just wondered if anyone has used similar companies and what were your experiences.


    I have to say that the DIY route was a doddle, all the forms are standard and you just fill them in and send them off.

    Why not get the forms, look at them, and if you’re still not sure then pay for some advice from Wikivorce or whomever?


    Seriously, go to your local court office and they’ll help you do it yourself. They can’t advise, but they can tell you which forms to fill out. I’m guessing you’re applying for your decree nisi as the kids/finances are sorted?
    It’s the one way I managed to claw back some self-esteem/sanity/control from my eye-wateringly expensive divorce – and it has the added benefit of not sending any money the way of the legal profession


    What IHN said – if it’s going to be uncontested, all arrangements made and over 2 years you’d be a loon not to DIY it and only have to stump up for the court fees.

    Honestly if you can DIY. £80 ish and a donation to a notary public (or equivalent). In Scotland (and i assume rest of UK) really easy, so painless I did it twice.


    third time lucky eh 😀

    Look at wikivorce for DIY divorce advice


    It seriously is a doddle. If you have half-a-brain you can DIY. The courts are very friendly and helpful.

    Word of warning: My ex and I were not in dispute (we were still living together), wanted to be amicable, wanted a clean break, and had worked out an agreement between ourselves as to how finances would be sorted, and we were both happy with it. Ours was a very simple case: no kids, small house, a few savings.

    She didn’t believe we could DIY and got herself an adversarial lawyer who effectively convinced her that “oh, you can get much more than that.”

    Cue the most stressful 8 months of my life as I got fvcked-over left, right and centre.

    Bitter? Moi?


    Do you listen to Rock FM Dave?

    There’s an advert running at the moment. Along these lines.
    Woman: “I’ve been having an affair”
    Man: “Oh well never mind”
    W: “We used our bedroom”
    M: “Oh, that’s not a problem”
    W: “I’ve blown all our life savings on the horses”
    M: “Easy come, easy go”
    W: ” The kids aren’t yours”
    M: “Oh, I love them anyway”

    The point being the bloke thinks he can’t afford to get a divorce. Until this cheap divorce team pops up.

    Personally I think after all that if he buried her under the patio no court in the land would convict him but what do I know.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    You can get a Las Vegas style drive-through divorce now. Its much the same as the drive-through weddings but for the divorce you have to be towing a caravan whilst having a passive aggressive discussion about map reading.

    Premier Icon MartynS

    IHN talks sense..

    If everything is sorted it’s just a form filling exercise.
    If its you doing the petitioning just go to the court and ask.

    You don’t need to spend £700 and if you get a solicitor, she will get one and that won’t be a good outcome.


    Some years ago now but when I went through it did it all myself with the help of the citizens advice bureau and they checked all the paperwork every step of the way. They were brilliant it is easier than you think and although a stressfull time you do feel a sense of achievement knowing that the thieving solicitors haven’t got there hands on your money.


    I used Warners here

    Reasonably straightforward and i got quick responses to my queries from their solicitors. There are prompts as you fill in the forms which are then submitted for them to check over.
    If you are both in agreement to the details it’s more a paperwork exercise than anything else.
    I was a bit of an emotional wreck through mine so it was comforting to have some support. I had plenty of advice from them on the finances (as my ex was being completely unreasonable) and because children were involved.
    It starts getting expensive should you get solicitors involved in negotiating for you but some of these decisions can be with you for the rest of your life so for the sake of saving a few pounds now….
    I divorced my ex for unreasonable behaviour which was uncontested. She was having an affair but it’s another thing proving adultery!

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