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  • Any Hedgehogs Yet?
  • JulianA
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    Anyone seen any hedgehogs yet? We’ve been putting out food for them for a few days now and its been eaten, but cats seem to like the food as well…

    Seen some tell-tale signs, but no hedgehogs.

    Will post pics as and when, but none so far!

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    Yup, seen 2 or 3 up here in Glasgow.

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    Glad they’re out and about: we look forward to seeing ours!

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    I’ve been seeing them (or maybe the same one several times) for the last few weeks in South Wales.

    Noisy little buggers 🙂

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    1 sick one brought into work today.

    My favourite 1 was the 1 I released in a set of woods when I was living on the Wirral. Trudged for 15 mins into the woods from the farm cottage where I was living to release him somewhere safe.

    Next night I was outside, chatting to my next door neighbour when a similar hedgehog appeared round the corner, scurried up the garden path and round the house! My neighbour remarked he’d never seen any hedgehogs in the 3 years he had lived there.

    It was on a direct line heading back to Runcorn where he had been found being harrassed by some lovely young scrotes. Hope he made across the mersey OK.

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    ‘Harry the Hedgehog’ is back in our garden (Cornwall) for his regular night time feed on the cats food which they haven’t eaten :D.

    He’s also taken to having the mother of all dumps under the garden seat – nice 😕

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    I unfortunately hit one the other morning going to work

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    Been out and about for a few weeks judging by the road kills.

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    We saw one curled up on the trail the other night, we all managed to miss it thankfully.

    I saw a dead one on the road the other day sadly.

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    Drive liberally dosed with Hedgepig poo so I guess they’re out there!

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