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  • Any Hammerhead users?
  • joepud
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    Had my Gamin 1080 for awhile now and thinking about trading it in for the new Karoo2. Wonder if anyone has any experience with the previous? The map looks a little better and I pretty much use my Garmin when ever im on a bike gravel rides, trails, or directions to a coffee shop because i have an awful sense of direction. I can get lost going to my bathroom was once said by a friend.

    Link for those who want a little more info

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    Worth joining the Facebook group and having a read through there. Customer service seems a real hit and miss affair – they had a series of issues where the whole mount broke off the unit and sent it tumbling to the road, and Hammerhead wouldn’t replace them or even offer a discount against the Karoo 2.

    It looks tempting but I want to read DC Rainmaker’s review of the final product before buying. Also, you have to buy the Garmin mount adapter separately and prices don’t include VAT.

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    thats good to know. i try and limit my facebook usage (its a time suck for me)  but i will check it out. cheers for the heads up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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