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  • scrumfled

    Our Price: £1,299.99

    😯 it IS just a tent, right??


    I’d be pretty skeptical of using that, especially if there is any kind of wind. I’d be nervous about the temperature changes as well. I’ve seen therm-o-rests explode when people blow them up hard when it’s cold, then the tent gets hot through the day. Wouldn’t like that to be my tent 😕

    Our Price: £1,299.99

    it IS just a tent, right??

    Good tents aren’t cheap 😉


    To save money I wonder if its possible to convert a normal tent to inflatable using Stans Tyre Sealant?

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    We saw the Vango ones at the Yeomans camping shows a year or so back.

    iirc, the inflatable version of the tent we had was £300 more than our version with poles, and we just don’t camp enough to justify it.

    What did surprise me was that on a very windy day, the tents without poles were the most rigid and solid in the wind – the Yeomans guys said that they hadn’t had an issue with them at all

    Mate of mine had one for years, replaced it with another. Not the one referred to in the OP though. Although it was a big spend for him, he wouldn’t spend that amount. Big time motorbiker, went to a number of rallies every year. IIRC, the tent inflated using CO2 capsules, like the ones used in 2nd Wind pumps. I don’t think CO2 is as subject to ambient weeather pressure fluctuations (could be wrong though). Pretty bulky, but up in under a minute. Maker may have been Khayam. Anyway, after around 15 years of pretty regular use and pretty irregular maintenance, he replaced it with the same one.
    No idea what pitching it was like in bad weather, but he loved it.


    Like this one..

    No more poles, just a inflatable frame. We saw a demo yesterday and it all looked pretty impressive and seems like a great idea (I know the idea is quite an old one, but this is the first time I’ve seen it).

    I am a bit sceptical though about how they will work in practice, problems with leaks, deflation when the temperature changes etc. Plus they’re very expensive.

    Anyone used one? How did you get on.


    Weighing in at 45kg, it’s gonna be a tough one to backpack with. Or lift without help, for that matter…

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    On a much smaller scale, I have a Nemo Gogo, which is a bivi-tent. It’s splendid!

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    Got a Vango Airbeam and they are great in high winds. Had a minor problem with a slow leak in one beam which was replaced by the shop with no quibbles. Put it up in the dark, 2nd time out in 15mins for an 8 man tent. The inflatable tents tend to have a higher hydrostatic heat (5000mm v. 3/4000mm) than equivalent conventional tents in most ranges, possibly to justify the higher prices. The packed tent is big, but it helped justify buying a Landy to the wife so no complaints there

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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