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  • AIBU – Christmas lunch for Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, JW employee
  • here’s another 🧵 that’s as pointless as the other one…

    What is this forum coming to !

    I have no idea if I’m being over- sensitive, but I’m wondering how Christmas work events are seen by Jewish Hindu Sikh JW employees? Oppressive and Christian- centric? Or just a bit of fun and good nosh?

    STW – pitchforks at the ready!!

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    Having consulted the Daily Mail, I’ve been informed that these joyless heathens are going to make us call it a festival of winterness instead of Christmas, and make us eat kosher chickpeas instead of turkey

    They’re worse than Hitler, quite frankly

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    This helps.

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    Ask on here.

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    This is/was a predominantly outward Christian faith country.  If you don’t like that, feel free to practice your alternative religious ceremonies at a location of your choice, which in Britain you are happily allowed to do.



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    Having read the other thread they’re not bothered.

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