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  • Bazz

    Yes, twice and it pees me off!

    Premier Icon weeksy

    yes and closed it again straight after… they’ll lose members/posters that way in exactly the same way the userbase plummeted when they changed the forum layout. I rekon it has 25% of the posts now daily compared to 18 months ago


    Narked me right off as well.

    Mind you, we all know the film and what it’s about. I still won’t go and see it mind.


    BR uses 15 different tracking systems on the front page.

    STW uses 3.


    Anyone been on BR and got a full screen washout of a Lawless ad?

    Step too far for online ads?

    Premier Icon cp

    They (they being bikeradar) did something similar a few months ago with large pop up ads with a semi-transparent effect. It was basically impossible to use the mouse to close them without clicking on the ad and being whisked away. It happened a few times, and I didn’t go on the bikeradar again till this post came up to have a butchers. So… royally backfired on bikeradar, but the click-thrus were probably through the roof, just because it was so hard not to.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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