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  • Premier Icon trout

    Ha HA nope heat has a direct thermal path to the stem and bars which keep it pretty cold


    So you get heated bars?

    WANT IT!

    BTW, email me with bits you might need; I’ll see what me mate can do.


    Re: direct linking to email.
    Type: mailto:whateveremailyouwantwithoutitallics
    It should work, mine does.

    Premier Icon trout

    Hi Update to all you guys who have ordered one of these housings from me.

    I just had this email from Deesta the guy who is CNCing them

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve had to order extra material due to the number you want of the XPE’s. I’m doing my casings today and tomorrow so should hopefuly get those out over the weekend 🙂 Due to the time I need to do your csing, I’m not going to be able to do them until the middle of next week :(. We’ve got an urgent job that needs to be done but yours will be next. I’ll be able to do one with the modifications on for you to play with though, so will get that to you as soon as.

    Hope that’s ok?

    Cheers, Steve

    Also no news on dispatch on the stuff from cutters yet
    I dont know if these fires are affecting them .

    Thanks for being patient

    Your lights might be all clever and stuff but I think these have a certain charm


    Like it, light, floatation device, emergency firewood. Now thats thinking outside the box


    Is it too late to order one?

    How much would the batteries and charger be in addition?

    Premier Icon trout

    no I am having extra housings made so still available

    batteries you could mail smudgemtbuk at aol dot com
    or use Turboferrets li ion holder and 4 li ion rechargerables

    WCA are you safe with powertools
    is that light for the bamboo bike some one posted on the old forum.


    Thanks Trout,

    So basically all in it would be something like this

    Batteries 4 x AW 18650 3.7 V RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY = £47.80

    (I don’t know if the above are top of the market batteris or not, these are half the price so would reduce the cost by circa £20)

    Battery holder 1 x Turboferret holder = £12.00

    Battery pouch 1 x Turboferret puch = £8.00

    All from [/url]

    Trout’s light self build = £120.00

    Total (excluding p&p and fixing/holder) = £205.75

    Would you provide a wiring diagram, despite having an A-Level in electronics I don’t feel overly confident about building? What kind of fixing would you use for bars I don’t really fancy drilling them?

    Premier Icon trout


    Sounds about right and there will be a howto going up very soon.

    Bar mount no problem you can have a M5 threaded hole for a lumi mount or the electron mount from chainreaction .and the housing comes with the bolt also .
    mail me for more details.



    yikes, Thats expensive for 4 Li-ion cells. If you want to go for a ‘battery’ rather than cells please email me.
    I can build in either 2.6Ah or 5.2Ah capacities. (I only use high quality cells)


    Premier Icon trout

    Another update for all who wanted a housing

    A bit of a limited website with some info and more soon


    Premier Icon turboferret


    smudge is right, that is expensive for li-ions, dealextreme have batteries and chargers for a fraction of the price:

    $7.79 charger
    $6.75 pairs of 18650’s

    Cheers, Rich


    Premier Icon turboferret

    seem to have lost the ability to write links properly 😆



    Just visited the troutelight site.

    Good work there Trout.


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