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  • A question for the larger craniumed.
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    Current helmet is a Bell Super 2 mips, but it’s getting on a bit now, so I’m thinking of replacing it. I have a large bonce (just measure at 61.5 cm) so that can be an issue but not an insurmountable one. The bigger (literally) problem is that I have a tall head too. Many years ago the kids at school cruelly called me Tefal after a popular series of adverts (Google Tefal Egg heads and you should get an idea of what I’m talking about). I can’t complain too much as I gave as good as I got in the nickname department.

    Anyway, I digress. Can any of the larger headed STW denizens recommend a decent lid for me. I’m looking for something like the Bell Super 2 I guess, but perhaps a bit cooler (in the temperature sense) as I do run quite warm, and decent protection for trail use. I like the Look of the POC Tectal lids, and maybe the Oakley drt5 but am open to suggestions.

    Premier Icon Gunz

    I don’t have a recommendation for a specific model but before I purchased by Bell Super 2 I always had Giro helmets which seemed to accommodate my schwad nicely.


    As my username suggests my head shape is somewhat other than normal.
    Always found Giro helmets to be the best fit, for me.
    Currently using a Feature, but that’s a bit hot, so will look at the Fixture or Chronicle, when I next change it.


    Expanding foam and a shower cap ?

    The L (59-63cm) Giro Savant is a good fit for me at ~62cm “alien” head shape, was a £40 bargain from Wiggle 3 years back, still looking to find something to replace it that doesn’t cost a kidney.


    I too am a member of the weirdly sized, and shaped head club, (Very tall cranium and long back to front)

    And I have found the POC Tectral the most comfortable helmet I have owned, Closely followed by the Bluegrass goldeneyes,

    Have tried many, many helmets from cheap ones from Planet X to the most expensive ones in Wheelbase Staveley. None of which have fitted just right.

    Go for the Tectral, POC are great and very helpful if you have any problems.
    They sent me out all new peak mounting hardware for free, from Sweden, after I lost mine somehow?


    I have a larger oval shaped head. Can’t get on with Giro and have tried and returned IXS and various others. I use a 661 recon and also have a Mavic which both fit nice. I tried On One helmet when they had a showroom in Rotherham and the Enduro one they do fitted nice too but wasn’t in the market at the time.

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    Small body, massive head here. 5’8” with a 60cm bonce. Only ever got on with Giro and more recently POC.

    Nearly bought or something very similar in Halfords just over 3 years ago, the L fitted like a glove. Good head protection, but doesn’t look great on the ventilation.

    Premier Icon luket

    My experience is that you just have to try a few (maybe a lot) on. I have a large (63) oval shaped head and giro, specialized and Troy Lee tend to fit me ok. But a Bell Super 2 wouldn’t come close so my head’s obviously quite different to yours.

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    Giro Chronicle and another Giro that I can’t remember the name of ATM.

    I found lots of helmets that go up to my mahoosive 63cm melon head, but it was only Giro that seemed deep enough. Most of the others were perched on the top of my head, making it very mushroom like.


    Having had more than a few issues with helmets in my time, I can concur with what has been said above. Current helmet is a POC Tectal which I’d recommend.  Have had a Super2 in the past and found it comfortable in the largest size but a bit warm.

    I’d also echo what has been said about Giro, have had several of those. Unfortunately I doubt the Oakley will fit you, I tried one of their road helmets in the biggest size and it was comically small (Mrs just about had an accident she laughed so much when I tried that on!).

    As a bit of an outlier, I’ve also had luck with Kask. Using a Protone road helmet just now and it’s been a great fit, lovely and comfortable and very well made.  I looked at their MTB helmet the last time I had to change mine but went with the Tectal in the end. Might be worth a try if you like the look of it.?

    TL:DR – POC, Giro, Kask or Bell are the only brands I’ve been able to get well fitting helmets.

    #EDIT : Oh and an FYI if you go with the POC. The retention system is height adjustable. It REALLY doesn’t seem like it but it has a 3 position height adjustment. I had issues with getting it to fit properly until I figured out how to change the height.  I think it ships in the highest setting.


    62cm noggin here and often got on well with Bell and Endura Humvee, recently got an Alpina Rootage which is £££ but by far the best fit yet, and doesn’t make me look like something out of a Nintendo game.

    Premier Icon fettlin

    I’ll stake a claim in this thread please, having an unusually large swede as well.

    63cm with a high dome, long to boot.

    Currently have a fox flux but it’s old in the tooth now so looking for a good fitting lid that doesn’t look like a mushroom when fitted.


    Another massive bonce here. Went from Super 2 to Giro Montaro. Giro fits better

    Premier Icon the_kenburg

    Thank you all, my melon-bonced brethren! Plenty to consider here. I like the look of the POC helmets, and also the Giro ones so may look that way based on your comments.

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