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  • A Quantock New Year.
  • Premier Icon senor j

    Lucky old me.
    I’m coming to Wellington ,near Taunton for five days – from the 28 Dec.
    I know there are a few friendly souls in the South West who come on here,
    so I was wondering if there were any rides in the Quantocks/Exmoor over that period ,I could tag along to?
    Obviously ,being the festive season I would get the drinks& mince pies in!
    Alternatively give me some route ideas please.

    Also – any recommendations of restaurants/boozers/tourist attractions
    welcome. thank you.

    Premier Icon oldfart

    Would love to help but (un)fortunately i’ll still be in New Zealand !


    I would love to join an organised ride in this area too over Xmas/NY.


    I was up on Exmoor yesterday and it’s a bog, best avoided. Quantocks are brilliant, check out Bicyclechains facebook page because they quite often post rides on there. Better still pop into Taunton or Bridgewater branch of Bicyclechain and ask them if they know of anyone going out over the holidays. Good luck and have fun, P

    I was up on Exmoor yesterday and it’s a bog, best avoided

    Which bits? Interested as I was thinking of heading to Porlock for a ride next Sunday.


    Ive found their retail website and searched facebook but can’t find a link to their FB page.
    Could you post up a FB link?

    Premier Icon bobsoff2

    Was up on Qtoxs yesterday…it’s quite boggy up there too !
    Think Alex and James @ Bicyclechain in Taunton are thinking of riding on Jan 2nd.. Call in to the shop for more info. (Fat boys ride) 😀


    I am just over the top of the Wellington monument and I can garrentee there will be a ride of some sorts up there just repost closer to the time

    Premier Icon senor j

    Thanks all.
    Oldfart-lucky you.maybe another time.
    Aande/bobsoff – sorry about this – but is it (q’s) boggy enough for purely mud tyres – or just a bit messy?
    Saladdodger – cool.I’ll keep an eye out nearer the time.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Bumpage –
    Does anyone have any circular route maps they could send me please?
    I’ve got the O.S.140 and I’ve found various combes that have been mentioned on here previously (Weacombe/Slaughterhouse ; Dowsborough/Bin Combe and more).
    It’s just a case of stringing it all together .
    I’m thinking of starting at the south and zigzaging my way north and using the Macmillan Way to get me back when I’m knakd/fed up. –
    Any suggestions welcome.
    Also – where’s good to park? I was thinking of Hawkridge reservoir maybe?


    mail either knottie or sponging machine for routes.

    we will be up there on 27th so no good for you I’m afraid.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Thanks Carl – no email in profiles.
    I’ve asked santa for the V.b. South West mtb book so I should be ok .

    Premier Icon senor j

    A big thank you to the two Nicks who showed me around the Quantocks on Friday.
    Splendid stuff.
    Happy new year.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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