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  • 9 speed / 10 speed rear mech ?
  • Trimix

    Will my 9 speed SRAM really not work with a 10 speed rear cassette ?

    Ive heard some say you cant mix them, but dont understand why. Is the indexing not done by the shifter, not the rear mech ? Thats just spring loaded, so the shifter controls the movement.

    Or am I missing something and really do need to buy a new mech to go 10 speed.


    My understanding is you will need a 10 speeder because the geometry of the rear mechs for 10 speed is different to that of 9 speeds so they move a different distance for the same movement of gear cable.

    I agree that its a shame that you cant, but I guess the Big S’s saw an opportunity…….

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    Do you understand that you can’t use a Shimano shifter with a SRAM mech mech?

    It’s exactly the same reason you can’t mix and match 9/10 speed!


    Interesting. I run a 9-speed mech on my 10-speed tourer. All Shimano right enough.

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    That’s different, 10 speed road shifters are the same as 9 speed MTB.

    Thought we’d finally got the hang of this! There are 4 different ratios, you cannot mix and match without bodging:

    Shimano 10 speed road and all 9 speed
    Shimano 10 speed MTB
    SRAM 9 speed
    SRAM 10 speed


    Chrismac – that make sense. (Im not mixing SRAM and Shimano.)

    So its down to the leverage ratios then, but I thought SRAM was 1:1 ?

    So one pull of the shifter = same at the mech ?

    Not quite, It’s now slightly less than 1:1. And shimano increaced theirs from 1:2 to something nearly 1:1, but not the same as SRAM.

    Whats the consensus on chains/cassettes from differetn brands? Are they the same?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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