4 blokes & 4 bikes in a Mondeo hatch. Possible?

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  • 4 blokes & 4 bikes in a Mondeo hatch. Possible?
  • PeterPoddy

    You're gonna need a bike rack!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Three blokes and three bikes is the max I reckon, two on the rack, one in the boot – with the 2/3 seat portion down.

    Possible you could get three on the outside and one in the boot if dismantled and if you didn't have much luggage. Think you're looking at two cars really though.


    3 Bikes on a towball rack and one in the boot with it's wheels bungied to the bikes outside with a bit of padding to stop them rubbing.
    3/4 on the roof and one in the boot using the same wheel trick.
    2/3 on the roof and 1/2 on a normal boot rack.

    If your going a long way take the forks and mech off the one in the boot to get it to fit across rather than folding a seat.


    You'll probably get 2 in the boot with the wheels.


    You could get 4 on the roof rack without too much problem. I guess it's down to how much kit you've got with you.

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    i went with my mate in his 3 bikes in the car with bags and 3 blokes . but have to have the 60 bit of the rear seat down. not gonna get four and four blokes inside . i carry 4 bikes on my roof on mine 😉


    it would be a squeeze but i reckon you could do it with a bit of dismantling and removing the parcel shelf.


    3 bikes and 3 blokes with way too much kit (including food and 3 camping stoves) in a Focus hatch so I would at least give it a go. Oh and full face helmets with a bit of armour and changes of clothes.

    Mondeos are a fair bit wider than foci so depending on the bikes you could possibly get them all standing or lying in the boot. The wheels could fit on top and on the back seat if you kept the kit levels to a minimum. Obviously the kit would go on laps and in gaps around the bikes.


    should be ok

    I think you'll be lucky to get 3 in tbh and it'll be a lot of a squeeze – i can just about get 4 guys and 4 DH bikes (wheels and pedals off) and 4 guys kit for a day in the V70 and that's pretty tight….

    We went for 5 + bikes in an Imprezza, got everything on/in but bottomed the suspension out to the point that it wasn't safe to drive. Gutter.

    Premier Icon Sim

    I tried to get 3 people and 3 bikes in my Mondeo and failed. The reason? Whilst the back of the seats in the rear splits the actually bit you sit on doesn't. Which just doesn't make sense, but there you are. Don't know if it's just mine…


    I can easily get 2 bikes in the back of mine, including wheels and with the parcel shelf in situ. 3 without shelf and using the 2/3 split should be pretty OK with kit. I don't see you'll manage 4 without a rack. 4 easy with 2 on a rack though.

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    Drove to Morzine with 3 blokes and 3 bikes, plus assorted kit, tools, and a bike stand, all inside (although it was an estate) Tight squeeze, mind.

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    What do you think ?
    Or a two car jobbie…?

    It's dead easy if you have a sealed headset just take the forks/wheels and seatpost off. Frames on boot floor, wheels standing on frames, everything else where you can fit it. Depends where you are off to but putting it all back together will a few minutes and you can tank along the motorways no worries.


    Sim, no, mine's the same. Daft idea. I still reckon 3+3 is doable though.

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    If you are not going to bin a friend and you are not going to put stuff on racks outside you will need 2 cars.


    Did a Les Arcs road trip in a mondeo this year, 3 of us & 3 bikes in a Mondeo hatch. Pedals off, wheels off & bars turned & the bikes took up surprisingly very little room, the wheels were the biggest pain. Also had a roof box for luggage.

    If you've got a roofbox to put wheels & luggage in then reckon you'd do 4 + 4, wouldn't do it for a long journey though.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Pedals and forks off you will, just! (as long as its not 4 XL frames)But a tow bar or roof rack will make a big differance. I'd go for a tow bar mounted rack, i'm 6'1" and a bike on a rack on the roof of a Mk3 mondeo is a long way up.

    I've not found the unsplit bench seat to be a problem, the seat back will fold almost flat over the seat cushion.

    If you could tilt the seat cushion forwards you'd get a few inches more height, but you lose the space in the footwell which is ideal for bags/shoes/helmets.

    In my old car the backrest couldn't physically fold forwards over the seat bench, but with the bench folded forwards the boot was too short. So I ended up unbolting it and chucking it in the loft 🙂

    53 plate Mondeo Estate for sale here, approx 65k, 4 blokes 4 bikes no problem. Tis the fast TDCi 130 version as well 🙂


    With a boot lid/tow ball mounted rack I reckon It ought to be doable

    Fold one rear seat down and try to get two frames alongside (with wheels/seatposts removed). I've done it in a laguna hatchback
    Then Two (complete bikes) on the back perhaps with 2 wheels from one of the inside bikes
    Luggage plus 2 wheels in the remaining boots space

    Else 3 complete bikes on a rack and one frame/fork on the one folded down seat?

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