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  • 1st Wheel Build – 29er
  • Quite chuffed – just laced up (dry) my first pair of wheels for a 29er build. Just got to take them apart and oil them up before progressing to full tension (next week).
    Nearly sliced my thump off last night trying to bend a cheap screwdriver into a nipple driver shape – bought one today!!
    Cheers, Mark.

    New to this – 2nd attempt to get image to post! F’ARSE!


    How can you bear to leave them like that? I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I’d finished them 😯

    Premier Icon Stoner

    ditto dibbs!

    I couldnt leave them like that. Right now Id be playing with them in my hand, full tensioned and spininning them on their axles 🙂


    Nice one, now get them finished properly.

    Dibbs/Stoner – glad it’s not just me…

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    Stop spending so long posting pictures and get the job finished!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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