Transition Repeater: ‘just’ a 160mm travel 29er ebike

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Transition are always a bike brand to take notice of. The Transition Repeater is their first ebike. Does it offer anything above and beyond what’s already available?

Well, in our opinion… dunno.

Tranny sideview

We certainly don’t have one here in the building – or out on the trail – to have a go on yet. Despite the claims that they are available to buy as of… now.

Not a whole lot wrong with any of that

There will be three builds available: NX $8199, GX $9499 and AXS $10,999.

We have no confirmed UK pricing yet.

Anyhoo. The Transition Repeater doesn’t look like anything immediately progressive or outlandish or super-styling. Or any of the usual things you’d expect from a Tranny.

The obligatory Shimano EP8

There’s certainly nothing missing or obviously lacking in the Repeater (great name by the way). Maybe that’s a sign of Transition playing catch-up? Or maybe it’s just a sign of the ebike market – and mountain bikes in general for that matter – finally calming down and settling on geometry numbers and suspension designs that just plain work.

Press the button!

I mean really, an ebike with 85Nm torque, 620Wh battery, 64° head angle, 77°+ seat angle, 480mm reach (L), 210mm dropper post (L/XL), wide-range drivetrain and 160mm of suspension at either end. It even has bottle mounts. What more could you want from a full-fat ebike?

Well, a smaller price tag would be nice, but hey.

Proper Shimano charging port

Oh, and is anyone really surprised/appalled that Transition has finally made an ebike? As a fun-first brand they were always going to go electric.

Who does that leave now as an ebike holdout? Apart from Evil.

Transition Repeater geometry

To be fair, it’s great the these numbers are ‘normal’ now. About flipping time.

Transition Bikes: “Buckle up and get ready to charge, the Repeater is down for anything. With 160mm travel, 29 inch wheels, the Shimano EP8 motor system, and a 630w battery, you can maximize fun on the ups and the downs. Whether it’s a quick rip after work, ditching the shuttle truck, or just the pure joy of exploring that you are after, the Repeater loves it all. Like all of our other beloved bikes, the Repeater has SBG geometry and our GiddyUp suspension, so you’ll feel right at home the moment you turn on the power.”

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