6-5-4…Brands That Haven’t Made An e-MTB Yet

by 38

Who do you think will be first to produce an e-MTB? Is there a brand here that will never make an e-MTB?

With e-MTBs being the biggest growth element in the mountain bike market, the brands that haven’t got an e-MTB are now the exception. We’ve put our heads together in the office and had a think about who has yet to join the party, and what might be standing in their way. And then, to help out their marketing departments, we’ve had some fun thinking up some suitable names for their potential new bikes.

//1. Nukeproof// DQ’d! Now They Have!

Nukeproof e-MTB
If Nukeproof does bring out an e-MTB, will Ross match his outfit to it?

It surprises us that Nukeproof hasn’t brought out an e-MTB, since they’ve otherwise got a broad range of bikes to suit most pockets and riders. And surely the branding sits well with powered transport? Could a REactor be in the offing? Or, ‘combining legs and battery into a climb slaying trail thrasher’, a Fusion?

They’ve had quite a strong race focus on their bike development and branding, so maybe we need the e-racing scene to really kick off before Nukeproof will jump on board?

Late to the party, but the finally did in June 2021 – the MegaWatt

//2. Santa Cruz// DQ’d! Now They Have!

Santa Cruz e-MTB
Will Santa Cruz go electric?

It’s pretty surprising that Santa Cruz hasn’t got into the e-MTB market yet, but it has been pretty busy developing a slew of new models and updates, so maybe the engineers have had their hands full. Or maybe they have been working on one but the art department is arguing over which colour to paint them. Maybe they’ve run out of colours that haven’t already been used elsewhere and they’re having to invent a new one. Surely ‘electric blue’ is the obvious choice?

If or when they do eventually get into the e-MTB game, will it be an uplift replacement version of the Nomad or V10? Or a ride-all-the-trails-all-day Hightower or 5010? We heard rumours that the MegaTower was coming, but didn’t really believe it was going to be called that – and then it was. Which means naming a Santa Cruz e-bike could go just about anywhere. Here’s where our brains went:

  • HighPower
  • MegaPower
  • Cham-E-leon
  • PowerTower

Officially reducing this list by one, Santa Cruz introduced the Heckler in February 2020:

3. Turner

OK, it’s no surprise that David Turner hasn’t built an e-MTB. But we enjoy watching him talk at length about how e-MTBs are emblematic of all that is wrong with the human condition.

4. Salsa

Salsa e-MTB
Room for strapping many batteries on…

Perhaps a brand best associated with riding a very long way, off into the wild, with little more than a bivvy bag and a spork. Bike packing has already gone electric, with the Kona Remote, so we don’t see why Salsa couldn’t join the club. May we suggest an addition to the fatbike range: Beard-E, an Off-grid, and a Prepper? All to come with racks, and maybe a solar panel for emergency battery top ups? If it happens, prepare for endless forum debate about what counts as a legal charging point on an unsupported long distance event!

5. Yeti //DQ’d, now they have!//

Yeti e-MTB
No e-Yet-E yet (sorry)

With its Switch Infinity suspension, it’s hard to see where you might put a battery and motor, so we’re not too surprised that Yeti hasn’t brought out anything electric. Although maybe there’s just about room in an SB100. If they ever do figure out a way to combine all those stanchions with a motor, with hope they call it a Yet-E and don’t just stick an E on the front of all the existing bike names.

Disappointingly not named as we hoped, Yeti launched the 160E in September 2021.

6. Evil //DQ’d, now they have!//

Evil e-MTB
Could we see an E-Evil?

If ever there was an e-bike that would be likely to divide opinion on sight, it’s surely an E-Evil. Or an Evil-E. What do you think, will they soon be Following the market down e-assist, or has their development team been Forbidden from going electric?

The Epocalypse…it’s here:

What do you think? Are any of the above likely to enter the e-MTB market? Is there anyone else who you think will join the party? Feel free to contribute your own new e-bike names, or add your groans of pun despair below!

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  • 6-5-4…Brands That Haven’t Made An e-MTB Yet
  • gavalar
    Free Member

    Here’s another top brand still to do an E-Bike, IBIS.

    Free Member

    Sadly, Turner is closer to need an zap with a defibrilator than it is to build another bike, be it electric or not.

    Full Member

    @gavalar I was thinking the same. Could they call it the e-Mojo or even the e-Moje? How about the Ripl-E?

    Full Member

    @NewRetroTom @Gavalar TranE?

    Free Member

    Maybe these brands really don’t want to make fekking motorbikes and think that cycling is human-powered only.
    I guess, economics being the way they are, they’ll probably pump them out eventually – there’s money to be made.
    I get the media outlets feel the economic need to pander to ebikes. But they’re motorbikes. Plain and simple. And whiners will whine about “no they’re not” , but they bloody well are.

    Free Member

    Quite surprised Surly haven’t produced a e-bike yet.

    Free Member

    Transition hasn’t or Banshee.
    Maybe these are rider owned by bicycle riders rather than pedal assist electric moped riders.

    Free Member

    cotic e-rocket

    Free Member

    There is a huge difference between a motorbike and an e bike. I have 3 motorbikes as well as 1 e-bike and there is definitely something different between the them. The fact that the three motorbikes run on petrol and the ebike runs on pedal power and electricity is one example, how many different aspects would you like me to list.
    Either get with the times or shut the **** up, as you clearly don’t know what your talking about.

    Free Member

    Si’s no mug. If he sniffed a profit for cotic e-bikes he’d probably do it.
    But for a small company the design overhead must be pretty large – and I bet he has his hands full with keeping his current line refreshed.
    Or maybe he thinks that ebikes are just motorbikes. Wouldn’t like to speak for him 🙂

    Free Member

    @NewRetro knowing Ibis it will be beautifully made / engineered but with woeful colour options.

    Full Member

    @chevychase I imaging it’s pretty hard to make steel tubing look all lovely and steel tubey with a battery strapped to it. If you’re selling steel bikes and marketing on that aesthetic I’d guess you’d need to keep that even if it was electric?

    Free Member

    @stwhannah not the best bike they ever produced

    Full Member

    Cotic Steel-E-Span

    Free Member

    @chevychase but, the only real growth area over the past 5 years has been e-bikes for many many brands and LBS.

    Free Member

    @stwhannah Vitus and Fantic do it pretty well.

    Free Member

    They have, but not available in Europe. https://surlybikes.com/bikes/big_easy

    Free Member

    @captainclunkz – I’ve ridden them. They don’t “rely on pedal power” – you only have to spin the pedals and they whizz up pretty much anything.
    They’re great fun, but stop lying to yourself – they’re motorbikes plain and simple – it’s just the motor is electric, not petrol. It’s still a fekking motor.
    They enable my unfit (zero exercise and carrying long-term injuries) and obese sister to ride around the hills of the lake district at a rate a fit me I can’t remotely keep up with on my lightweight Ti hardtail.
    They’re bikes with motors. Don’t really care if you’re horribly offended by that – but after riding them, and riding with “non-riders” using them it’s clear and obvious that it’s the “motor” part, not the “bike” part that’s the big feature.
    @Gravalar – yep. Completely understand the *economic* reasons for ebike inclusion everywhere. Normal MTB users are absolutely the market manufacturers want to sell to and they’ve got a ready-made sales platform in MTB enthusiast forums, websites and pages etc.
    The reason they’re the “growth” area is because people who would never bother trying MTB because it’s hard, physically hard, like the fact that the motor makes it easy for them.
    Fair enough for them. But I dislike the lying about the fact that it’s not *all about the motor* – because the very fact that that’s where the “explosive” growth is, and the only thing different about them IS the motor puts paid to that lie.

    Free Member

    Don’t think that it’ll be long before they manufacture a slimmer battery that can fit in the down tube. Especially if carbon nanotubule battery technology takes off (as it has to – or an alternative – just for car transport alone).
    The stigma around ebikes makes that pretty much a certainty. Nobody likes other people looking down their nose at them, so ebikers have a desire to hide the fact they’re riding with a motor. The first manufacturer that can make them visually identical to non-motorised transport is going to make a killing.

    Full Member

    “They enable my unfit (zero exercise and carrying long-term injuries) and obese sister to ride around the hills of the lake district at a rate a fit me I can’t remotely keep up with on my lightweight Ti hardtail.”
    How does that make you feel?

    Free Member

    @chevychase Lapierre e-zesty and Norco have made a brilliant job of their latest offerings as have Specialzed with their very latest electric road bike.

    Full Member

    I guess that Nukeproof doesn’t do an e-bike as CRC/Wiggle have Vitus with their e-bikes?

    Free Member

    Maybe your morbidly obese sister needs to be shot before she costs the tax payers and the NHS thousands in medical care.
    I myself, class myself as very fit. Unfortunately I had a severe motorbike crash 8 years ago and hadn’t ridden a bicycle until I got an ebike.
    Just a suggestion if you don’t like ebikes don’t make stupid comments on an ebike article. Stick to your normal pedal bikes articles.

    Free Member

    @Gavalar – Yeah, but they still look bloody chunky compared to bikes.
    Won’t be long before you won’t be able to tell the difference I reckon. 5-10 years. (Battery tech will move along faster than engine tech IMO, so bottom brackets will still look fugly probably).
    Either way – I ain’t getting one until my legs stop working. Not because they’re no fun (they absolutely are, as are cars, quads & trials bikes) – but because part of cycling is getting effing knackered – it’s in-build “free fitness” you get from doing the sport.
    After having ridden ebikes I know damn well that my fitness would plummet if I got one.

    Free Member

    Some of the comments on this are personal attacks = not

    Full Member

    rude AND slow..?

    Free Member

    lol 🙂
    Maybe my obese (not morbidly so) sister should get herself a proper bike and do some real exercise and a bit of dieting? Rather than dodging exercise by thinking of buying an e-bike – the obese person’s solution to avoiding exercise.
    Amazing that pretty much everyone I talk to about ebikes have had an “accident” of some sort that means ebikes are the only thing they can ride. If you’re not just talking crap on the internet to “win” an argument – then good on you. I’ve zero problem with anyone riding an ebike because they *need* to. In fact, I’m 100% supportive of them for that exact use.
    But for people like my sister? Stop it with the motorbikes.
    As for “dont’ comment on this article” – the whole article is about vendors who haven’t developed ebikes – including a video from David Turner saying he hates them. (He can’t say “man up fatties” – because the level of hate he’d receive may even cost him sales – but I bet he’s thinking that).
    What needs to happen here is ebikers need to stop lying to themselves that they’re not motorbikes. I’ll stop short of saying “they need to be shot” – because that’d just be bitter 🙂

    Full Member

    David Turner makes a really valid point, when he points out that if e-bikes were really just e-assist they wouldn’t put out as much power as Nino Schurter on an average day. 250W is quite a lot of poke for an ordinary rider. I’m reasonably fit – not WC, but good for a 50-mile club run – & I don’t turn out 250W or anything like it. So IMO if e-bikes were just gonna be a little bit of help, the motors would be maybe 40W, not 250W. Sorry, the truth is they’re motorbikes, plain & simple, & should have no place in the lives of people who are capable of doing their own shopping…

    Free Member

    Completely agree.
    GMBN podcast with Olly Wilkins – from 24:20:

    Free Member

    Thanks for the list. If a Brand produces motorbikes and markets them as bicycles in order to raise profit it definitely earned a place on my do not buy list.

    Free Member

    By definition they are a motorised-bike aka motorbike, but the 250W eMTB riding experience is much closer to a MTB than a motorbike. Given the lines are only getting more blurred with the likes of the Haibike however, we just some nomenclature to categorise by power / weight in the same way that aviation had to with the ‘Ultralight’.

    Full Member

    Why do people make Blanket Comments I ride a e-mtb because it gets me out more often and for longer as I’m 73 and have a Heart Condition so now I don’t have to push up the really steep stuff in Wales or on Exmoor I use ECO mode and all the gears rarely Trail mode Never Boost, in years to come with new Technologies you will be riding machines without Wheels oh won’t that upset purists

    Free Member

    See https://formative.jmir.org/2019/3/e13643/
    The evidence says you should encourage your sister to ride an ebike.

    Full Member

    I find most of these negative comments about ebikes hilarious. After David Turner’s rant above the only response I can muster is ‘so what?’. He and others are entitled to their opinion and I’m entitled to not care less.
    Mountain biking keeps moving on and is a vastly different sport than 10, 20 years ago… and I suspect there were as many people mocking the all mountain sleds everyone started riding around trail centre blue/red loops, as there are people mocking ebikes now.
    I have a hardtail I’d happily ride anywhere, and continue to. I also have/had a couple of full suspension enduro bikes that were monotonous riding up the hill and frankly way too un-engaging riding down for most of the non-uplift riding I do. The ebike equalises that equation, and I don’t have to freeze my ass off in an uplift van over winter now either. Also, the ebike has completely transformed my local Ashton Court loop from 75% dull pedal turning XC to 75% out-of-the-saddle technique-refining riding, which leaves me far more exhausted after a few laps.

    Free Member

    Funny and true!

    Free Member

    Ban Ebikes!
    Ban suspension!
    Ban Disc brakes
    Ban dropper posts!
    Ban helmets!
    Ban tubeless systems!
    Ban mobile phones!
    Ban bluetooth connected devices!
    Ban having fun!
    Do what I like and approve of!
    I hate everything!
    I hate you!
    Riding mountain bikes are not about having fun! It is about doing what we, the entitled single speed non suspended mountain bikers of the world approve of.
    Now piss off.

    Full Member

    You forgot ‘ban trail centres’ on your list. Surely the only real riding is on ancient mountain trails wearing hobnail boots and plus-fours.

    Full Member

    I went the other way with Ashton Court to make it more fun by getting a single speed. It was before ebikes and I was living in a flat in Clifton at the time so cleaning bikes was an issue. It never did solve the problem of most of it being dull though it was more of a workout.

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