Orange AD3 is a linkage full-suspension Orange but it’s not what you’re expecting!

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The Orange AD3 might not be the linkage suspension bike you were asking for, but you’ll still love it!

Orange is known for single-pivot suspension bikes, neatly folded and welded not too far from Singletrack Towers but when they told us they had something new we really weren’t expecting this!

There is a reason many mountain bikes are made in far-flung corners of the world. Asian factories have been doing it much longer, and they. have the experience. They can produce in quantity, their quality is excellent and prices are competitive. But those super factories can’t do it all, and when a brand wants to think outside the box it’s often better to build in-house.

One manufacturer that has plenty of experience in in-house manufacturing is Orange. For decades now, the Orange factory has handmade single-pivot suspension bikes. It’s quite something that Orange owns its own factory, not many brands can say that, and it allows the company to move with the times, keep up with demand, and on occasion think outside the box.

Still even with the Orange’s capabilities and ability to pretty much make what they want (although they do seem very attached to a certain suspension design) when they told us they had something new to share with us we didn’t expect the Orange AD3.

Orange AD3 Adaptive EMTB

Orange tells us that the AD3 project has been in the works for 6 years and is the brainchild of the Orange Strange Prototype division, designer Alex Desmond and ex-EWS racer Lorraine Truong.

orange ad3

The AD3 is built around the familiar Phase eMTB, but adapted with a dual fork front end, 2 x Fox 38’s and a handful of Hope headsets to allow people who aren’t able to ride a traditional mountain bike the chance to enjoy riding.

As we have come to expect from Orange, the AD3 isn’t designed to pootle along a fireroad, but properly rip on the mountain. As you can see in the above launch video, the cantilever linkage arms and twin headtubes are designed to articulate separately from the mainframe allowing the Orange AD3 to rail berms and hit aggressive off-camber features.

The specially adapted Phase AD3 frameset is built with a bucket seat to offer riders correct core stability for both balance and control and uses a Paradox eBike motor in place of the Shimano Steps system we usually see on Orange electric bikes. The Paradox system can either be linked to throttle or converted to pedal-assist depending on the needs of the rider.

Introducing the Orange AD3

Orange AD3 Features

  • The Orange Phase AD3 Adaptive eMTB
  • An adaptive eMTB that’s built for technical, off-road terrain
  • Developed and manufactured by the Orange Bikes Strange Prototype Division
  • Designed by Orange engineer Alex Desmond with the input of ex-EWS racer Lorraine Truong
  • Built around an Orange Phase chassis, with Alex Desmond’s own Patent-Pending AD3 system and Paradox eBike motor
  • Hugely customisable to fit the needs of individual riders

Orange has put together a full Q&A on their website about the AD3, and we hope to have a sit down with Alex in the coming days to bring you more information on this amazing project.

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