Pole eMTB design officially revealed but questions still remain!

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Pole founder, Leo Kokkonen, has posted the final design of his company’s first eMTB, but questions remain.

pole emtb

Here is the side view of our forthcoming e-bike. Presale starts soon. Be quick because there is only limited amount of batteries and motors available.

Our latest innovations in CNC machining and investments to our surface treatment facilities brings you this premium product without the premium price.

CNC machined e-Pole. Any guesses what’s the name is going to be?

Leo Kokkonen

Pole boss, Leo Kokkonen, is not one for keeping secrets it seems, and if he isn’t seen racing in Maderia on a prototype Enduro bike, he can be seen on his home trails (and Instagram) with his unreleased eMTB. Yes, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Pole eMTB, but unlike the teasers posted before, this feels a little more official.

What we’re told in the post is that the new Pole eMTB will be launched for pre-sale soon but due to battery and motor supplies, the quantities will be limited.

Earlier posts, which showed a physical prototype, pointed to a CNC machined frameset, an integrated motor and a battery that is housed within the frame but accessed from above the downtube rather than below it. In the past, it was also teased that Pole was testing a large 725Wh battery, but it’s not clear what motor system the Finnish company had decided upon.

Looking at the design of the frame it’s clear that this and the new Pole Enduro bike are based around a similar suspension platform so it would be safe to assume the e-Pole runs 190mm of travel too. We could also assume that similar design choices made for the new Enduro bike will be mirrored here such as the 1.5in steerer.

Non eMTB version of the new Pole Enduro

As already mentioned the battery lives in the downtube whereas the motor is integrated into the two halves of the CNC frame design rather than being attached as its own separate unit. How someone might access the motor for service is unknown though we expect the frame to feature an access panel. As for the manufacturer of the motor, the shape and appearance aren’t too dissimilar to Brose systems found on Specialized bikes.

Judging by the nature of construction we don’t expect the Pole eMTB to be particularly affordable, but it’s sure to gather a lot of attention especially in this optional gold colour.

With so many questions left unanswered let’s finish of with something that we might be able to answer (with your help) the name of this bike? Could it be the E-Machine? PolE? maybe the Pole DowncountrE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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