New e-Storia Shock from EXT: ‘Smoother, Safer, Superfaster’

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Maker of very fine shocks, EXT, has brought out a new e-Storia, specially designed for e-bikes: ‘Smoother, Safer, Superfaster’. Superfaster? Well, take our money. We’re sold. Hmm… let’s see if we can find out what that actually means. But first, a dramatic video. It’s not a shock, it’s an International Space Station in a very intense movie scene.

E-bikes generate more suspension stress but most run the same shock sizing as their analog counterparts. But Ext has decades of experience building the world’s most compact high performance dampers, some of which were used in Formula One and WRC. If anyone can maximize damper performance in challenging environments, it’s us. That’s why we developed the e-Storia. An industry “first” an ultra-high performance suspension specifically designed for aggressive E-bike riding and super comfort level for professional riders and all enthusiasts.


The e-Storia is designed to be tougher than the standard Storia V3, with a particular emphasis on improved reliability of dampers. EXT says this provides a longer lifespan and allows it to be more tuneable within the context of the demands an e-bike puts on a shock.

The feature list for this new e-Storia is as follows:

  • Integrated reservoir head design to increase eyelet/trunnion mount fitment
  • Stronger body construction
  • Chrome-moly shaft with low friction coating
  • Reservoir with large volume bladder design
  • Dedicated spring platform for stiffer spring
  • Negative spring to avoid harsh top-out and improve bike platform stability
  • Lok 2.0
  • New rebound adjustment to increase tuning range
  • New compression valve to increase adjustability range and provide a smoother riding
  • Low hysteresis to improve dynamic response
  • Completely independent bump/rebound adjustment
  • New check valve with low inertia to control damping even at really high frequency
  • New externally adjustable HBC and more efficient design to increase bottom out protection
  • New seals design to reduce friction
  • New main piston design with high flow to improve sensitivity and tunability
  • All valves with turbulent flow to assure consistent damping with different temperature and under extreme use/conditions
  • A new high viscosity index oil for longer consistent riding in all different situations and seasons
  • Springs available up to 800lb

We imagine that this is the kind of upgrade that will appeal to buyers of some of the high end e-MTBs we’ve seen of late, and with after market support to keep you running this shock even as you change up your bikes this might be just the thing for those early uptake tech fans who are always chasing the latest e-MTB developments.

To read our review of the standard Storia shock, head here. Stock of the new e-Storia is due from 2nd July, and will be available from UK distributor Mojo Rising. Pricing is 879€ +VAT, with UK pricing expected to be similar subject to figuring out a spot of post-Brexit paperwork.

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    call me sceptical but…..
    ‘E-bikes generate more suspension stress’ – given similar geometry etc. the factor here would be weight, and since we’re talking the sprung weight this includes the rider and the bike,
    with the rider being by far the bigger part of the load / variable? think this may be superfaster marketing….

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