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Holy E-Grail! It’s an eGravel Bike from Canyon! With a Bosch Cx Gen 4 motor the Canyon Grail:ON promises to take you wherever you want to go.

The eGravel bike is a growing corner of the bike market that offers the versatility of use that many riders are looking for. Off road playing, mixed surface commuting, or just bad road surface city riding can all be tackled by a gravel bike – and with e-assist the options open up a little more. Canyon joins the ranks of those companies offering a e-assist gravel bike by adding the Grail:ON to their range.

Canyon Grail:ON
The Canyon Grail:ON

Whereas the Cairn Adventure 1.0 and Specialized Turbo Creo have taken an approach of ‘just enough’ assist, the Canyon Grail:ON has a full power Bosch Performance Line Cx Gen 4 motor offering up to 340% of a rider’s own power in assist. The battery is fully removable should you want to charge it indoors or take it with you for added security.

It’s not just a Canyon Grail with a battery strapped to it though. It has a longer wheelbase for improved stability, 50mm tyres instead of 40mm tyres, and a more relaxed ride position. You also get some ebike specific DT Swiss wheels.

Grail:ON Geometry
German geometry! But you get the idea.
Canyon Grail:ON

There are four models of the new Grail:ON, starting at £4,699 for the CF 7 and CF 7 Women’s models – which is actually a unisex model with different saddle and cockpit set up. All models come with the distinctive ‘Double Decker’ bars, offering plenty of room for varied hand positions and talking points at cafe stops.

Canyon Grail:ON models

Our Tom found the ‘acoustic’ Grail to be more on the side of ‘more than a road bike’ than ‘less than a mountain bike’ so it will be interesting to see what difference the more relaxed ride position and those big 50mm tyres make to the capability of the Grail:ON.

The bikes are available now, from Canyon.

Canyon Grail:ON
Riding on actual gravel!

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