Canyon Neuron:ON Gets New Integrated Battery For 2020

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Sanny takes a sneaky peeky look at the latest e-bike offering from Canyon Bikes in the shape of the Neuron:ON.

Ah yes, the warming glow of sun on your face after a winter of rain, rain and more bloody rain. I was beginning to forget what the big yellow disc in the sky looked like until welcome respite from the interminable dreich that seems to now typify Scottish winters came in the form of an invite to Canyon’s Spring Press Camp just north of Barcelona. Riding 2020 bikes in the spring sunshine? Why yes I would love to do that, thank you very much.

Canyon Neuron:ON
Balcony with a view?
Canyon Neuron:ON
The Neuron:ON 8:0

And so it was I found myself after a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days riding in the Spanish hillsides, face to face with Canyon’s latest trail oriented e-bike, the Neuron:ON. Aimed fairly and squarely at riders who like to ride as well as descend, Canyon is keen to point out that the Neuron:ON doesn’t require the rider to be on the more aggressive end of the riding spectrum in order to get the best from it. In practice, this means that the suspension action is designed to be more linear than on its bigger hitting sibling, the Spectral:ON. However, for those riders who like to push a bit harder, there is the option of playing about with volume spacers to make the suspension ramp up more quickly.

Canyon Neuron:ON
Fully integrated battery

For those familiar with Canyon e-bikes, the Neuron:ON marks a significant change for the company. This being their second generation alloy e-bike frame, Canyon has gone for a fully integrated approach. Using Shimano’s tried and trusted E8000 motor system throughout the four bike range coupled with their 504Wh battery, gone is the old external battery design to be replaced with an internal set up. One claimed advantage is that the centre of gravity is now lower compared to the previous model while the front end stiffness has been increased. To my mind, the bike has a noticeably cleaner look than its predecessor. In a neat touch, with the power button located on the top tube, there is a super neat USB-C charger point which is ideal for charging mobile devices on the hoof. The weather proof seal appears to mimic Canyon’s logo – it is a small touch but a nice one nonetheless.

Continuing the integration theme, Canyon has a new handlebar and stem set up which routes vulnerable cables internally without compromising strength and comfort. Even the saddle and grips have been optimised for use with e-bikes. A fibre reinforced bash guard protects the motor housing from bashes and bumps while there is also an integrated chain device to minimise chain-off moments.

Canyon Neuron:ON
What tread for floor tiles?

In terms of travel and wheel size, Canyon offers 27.5 inch wheels on the extra small and small models while medium through to extra-large roll on 29 inch wheels. Travel is 120mm front / 125mm rear and 130mm front and rear respectively. Recognising that air suspension tends to work better for larger, heavier riders, Canyon has designed their extra small and small models to have a more linear suspension action so that riders don’t have to run lower pressures at the expense of suspension performance.

As for battery life, well, take a number and get back to us. Canyon claims that in their own tests, they have managed to get 100km out of ECO mode. As anyone who rides ebikes knows, it all depends on how and where you ride so user experiences will of course vary.

Canyon Neuron:ON
Four pot brakes up front

Recognising that ebikes are harder on parts than analogue bikes, Canyon has specified four pot callipers and large disc rotors up front with steel freehub bodies out back while the four models in the range offer Shimano drivetrains. Suspension ranges from RockShox Recon RL fork and Deluxe Select rear shock on the 7.0 and female specific WMN 7.0 through Fox 34 Rhythm and Fox DPS Performance on the 8.0 culminating in a RockShox Pike Ultimate and Deluxe Select on the top of the range 9.0. 

Canyon Neuron:ON
Shimano drivetrains throughout

Drivetrains used range from XT/ SLX to XT while brakes used are Shimano MT520 with the exception of the 9.0 which goes XT. Rims are Race Face throughout with the 9.0 getting XT hubs while the other 3 models utilise Shimano MT510 / MT400 hubs. Saddle (with the exception of the WMN 7.0 which gets a women specific model), bars, stem and dropper are the same throughout the range while Schwalbe take care of tyre duties. The 7.0 and the WMN 7.0 get Nobby Nics on a 2.6 Performance flavour while the 8.0 and the 9.0 get a Hans Dampf / Nobby Nic 2.6 ADDIX combo.

Canyon Neuron:ON Prices and Colours

  • Neuron:ON 7.0 (Stealth / Wire Blue / Amp Orange) – £3,349
  • Neuron:ON WMN (Stealth / e Grey) 7.0- £3,349
  • Neuron:ON 8.0 (Stealth / Amp Orange) – £3,749
  • Neuron:ON 9.0 (Transistor Black) – £4,199
Canyon Neuron:ON
Nice decals, we like

First Look At the Canyon Neuron:ON

I managed to steal a few minutes with the top of the range 9.0 in murdered out black (my name, they call it Transistor Black) and I reckon it looks as cool as hell. The detailing is really good with all the welds appearing to be smooth and consistent. Little things like the polished-look decals on the head tube, top tube and forks, the Canyon shaped tab for the USB – C port and the internal cable routing in the bars all conspire to give the impression of a much more expensive bike. A 34 tooth chainring up front is matched to a 10-51 cassette out back while there is even a Shimano lever for the cable actuated dropper post. Everything about it would make Johnny Nice Painter from The Fast Show happy. Despite being an alloy frame, it easily passed the lift up in the car park test so didn’t feel unduly heavy. 

I have to admit that I am a bit of a fan of the Shimano system – in my experience it gives what I consider to be a more natural feel than other motor systems on the market and from an aesthetics perspective, I think that it is hard to beat in terms of sheer neatness.

Canyon Neuron:ON
USB port within
and on and on and on…

Of course, how it rides will have to wait for another day as no sooner had I managed to get my grubby little mitts on it than I had to give it back. Shame. Still, fingers crossed I get to properly test it in the not too distant future. By the time you read this, the Canyon Neuron:ON will already be on sale. Despite the supply chain impact of Covid 19 in China and the Far East, Canyon has a full stock of models ready to go for those who want to be the very first in the queue.


Sanny’s travel and accommodation were covered by Canyon.

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