This is the Forestal eMTB more to come in March!

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Forestal has posted another teaser giving us our best look at the eMTB so far and giving us a possible launch date.


Andorran eMTB/Tech brand, Forestal has released another teaser to whet our appetite, but instead of still images, we get a video that provides us with the best look at the bike so far.

In fact, the video reveals quite a few details so below I’m going to pick each clue out and go over it in a little detail.

Twin Levity

Twin Levity linkage.

Twin Levity is one of the first things we see in the video. The text shows up on what could be a link for the shock along with the words “Performance Tuned Kinematics”.

Looks like a linkage.

Now, this interesting as previous photos of the bike showed something that looked closer to a single pivot suspension design, so at least we now know there is more to it than that.

EON Drive

Forestal’s EonDrive.

The second big reveal is the EON Drive, this is Forestal’s own motor and drive system that has been custom designed and developed by Forestal to work specifically with their frame. We don’t know the specs yet and will be interested to learn if they’ll go the full-power path or in a lightweight, lower power direction.

Integrated Display

Integrated display.

It’s also revealed that the Forestal bike will have a display, but it will be integrated into the top tube of the frame rather than mounted to the handlebars. This screen will be accompanied with an on bar motor control seen in previous photos.

DVO Suspension

DVO suspension forks and rear shock are also seen in the video. Cedric Gracia is also sponsored by the suspension maker so it seems like a perfect fit for the brand.

Forestal Bike Launching March?

Finally our first look.
Launching March.

The final screen shows us the silhouette of the secret eMTB followed by the “March”. Is March the month that the Forestal eMTB will be released, or is the company simply letting us know there are more teasers to come?

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