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Merida teases launch of new Merida eOne-Sixty on 29th May

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Taiwan based Merida Bikes has recently updated it’s social media accounts to tease the upcoming launch of an all-new Merida eOne-Sixty eMTB.
Merida Bikes, one of the largest bike manufacturers on the planet, is preparing to launch an updated version of the highly popular Merida eOne-Sixty eMTB at the end of this month.
Merida’s original eOne-Sixty range of eBikes proved to be extremely popular when launched, and a combination of competitive pricing and clever component specification meant the Shimano STEPs powered bikes sold like hot cakes.

Merida teasers the launch of the eOne-Sixty on 29th May.
Merida teasers the launch of the eOne-Sixty on 29th May.

With such a hot selling product on their hands, Merida has obviously decided to strike while the iron is hot and quickly update the bike with a launch already scheduled for the 29th May. So far, details of the bike are fairly hush-hush, but judging by the hashtags included in Merida’s official teaser post, it’s safe to assume the new eOne-Sixty is still powered by a Shimano STEPS drive system.
We’re fairly certain that Merida will also include newly launched Shimano battery technology into the new Merida eOne-Sixty, and we’re willing to put money on the bike featuring the recently launch Shimano BT-E8035 internal battery system which isn’t only a neater system but should ensure a nice low center of gravity too.
the current merida eone-sixty
Soon to be updated but how will it be different?

The text in the teaser also seems to hint at a possible nod to retro Merida bike design with the heading “Design Meets Heritage”, but we’ll have to wait until the bike launches to be sure what they mean by that exactly.
The current Merida eOne-Sixty is a 160mm travel enduro eBike, which rolls on 27.5in wheels, we can assume the new model will retain the same amount of travel, but we wonder if a 29er version of the bike will also be released?
We’ll keep an eye on Merida’s social media accounts to see if any further teasers are revealed ahead of the launch, but in the meantime feel free to let us know what you make of this news in the comments section below.

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