Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay will have you “charging hard on the trails”

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Rocky Mountain’s full suspension e-Bike range is now joined by 2 new hardtail’s named the Growler.

Back in 2017, Rocky Mountain unveiled its first e-MTB. The Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay was the Canadian brand’s first ever e-Bike and featured the company’s own self developed Dyname 3.0 drive system.

Rocky Mountain’s e-Bike development has progressed over the past few years with the introduction of an alloy variant of the Altitude Powerplay, and now a totally new bike with an all-new frame and zero rear suspension (unless you count your legs and rear tyre that is).

Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay
Moody forest shot for the new Growler.

Named the Rocky Mountain Growler, this all alloy hardtail gets the same integrated Dyaname 3.0 drive system as the full suspension bikes and is designed around voluminous 27.5+ tyres for a little cushioning and 130mm travel up front.

The Growler Powerplay will be available in 2 builds, both coming with the same alloy frame, drive system, and updated iWOC Trio remote, but featuring slight specification differences to meet the 2 price points, and batteries of different outputs depending on the model you choose.

Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay 30
Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay 30.

Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay Alloy 30

  • Motor: Dyname 3.0 (250w / 48v) drive system
  • Remote: All-new iWoc TRIO remote
  • Battery: Li-Ion 500 Watt/Hr battery
  • Weight: Growler Powerplay Alloy 30, size Medium: 21.5kg (47.4 lbs)
  • Price: $4,899 CAD, $3,899 USD
Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay 50
Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay 50.

Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay Alloy 50

  • Motor: Dyname 3.0 (250w / 48v) drive system
  • Remote: All-new iWoc TRIO remote
  • Battery: Li-Ion 632 Watt/Hr battery
  • Weight: Growler Powerplay Alloy 50, size Medium: 22.6kg (49.8 lbs)
  • Price: $5,699 CAD

As you can see by the pricing information, UK and European customers are out of luck at the moment and only Canadian shoppers have the option of both the Growler Powerplay Alloy 30 and 50, U.S customers will only be able to buy the lower output, but lighter weight, Alloy 30 model at the time of writing although this might change in the future.

While it’s good to see more hardtail e-MTB options hit the market we wonder if the weight of these battery powered rigid framed bikes makes them a little redundant? Full-suspension models don’t weigh all that more, and the cost is very similar.

Let us know what you think of the Growler Powerplay in the comments section below, and if hardtail e-MTB’s float your boat, take a look at the latest Shimano Steps powered bike from Commencal here.

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