The New Commencal Maxmax Power 27 is an urban assault machine

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Commencal finally updates its hardtail e-MTB range for 2019 with the introduction of the new Commencal Maxmax 27 running Shimano Steps E7000.

Andorran bike maestros, Commencal, have just updated its online store with the new Commencal Maxmax 27, a hardtail eMTB that looks to be an affordable entry to the Meta Power family.

Commencal first launched its e-MTB range in early 2017 with the Meta Power, an all alloy hardtail with Shimano Steps E8000 motor and battery system. The original bike was aimed at the rider with little time on their hands but still the desire to explore. Since the Meta Power’s launch, Commencal has rolled out the Meta Power AM 27 and 29er full suspension bikes, but only recently updated the hardtail range.

The Maxmax runs an E7000 motor.

The Maxmax Power 27 comes under the Meta Power banner on the Commencal website, but is currently the only 2019 hardtail e-MTB listed, in fact, the Maxmax is so new that it can only be pre-ordered with delivery due in mid-March.

While the Meta Power HT was squarely aimed at mountain bikers and mountain biking, the Maxmax looks like it could be more of a hybrid with less aggro mountain bike aspirations and may feel more at home in an urban environment but that hasn’t stopped Commencal’s pro riders push it to its limits.

Not exactly what most people would consider a small jump…

Shimano’s E7000 drive system is fitted to the Maxmax including an E7000 motor, and E7000 display, but the battery is a 500Wh Shimano E8010 model and drivetrain is from SRAM’s NX 11-speed family.

Commencal has built the Maxmax to cost under €2,999, so have built it up with cost-conscious own brand handlebar, stem and seat post of the non-dropper variety. WTB gets in on the action with a pair of Scrapper i35 rims and Ranger 27.5×2.8in tyres plus an SL8 saddle.

The Maxmax costs less than 3,000 Euros.
No dropper on the Commencal Maxmax 27.


SRAM 1×11 drivetrain on a Shimano motor system.

Geometry is quite conservative in terms of reach with a medium sized frame measuring 435mm and the largest XL bike a 470mm reach. The head angle on the Maxmax is 66° with a 150mm RockShox Reba fork and the seatpost comes in slack at 73°.

While Commencal is usually known as one of the rowdier brands on the market, with a preference to market its wares at the more aggro crowd, it looks as though they’ve toned things down for the Maxmax and say this about their newest e-MTB;

“MAXMAX POWER is ultra-versatile. Pedal through town, on the road, even in far from perfect conditions like rain, mud, small jumps, etc.”

Wow, it handles rain! Perhaps they’re after the UK market with this one?

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