David Turner Talks E-MTBs: ‘We First Worlders, We Want More’

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If you’re not familiar with David Turner, then it would be worth reading Chipps’ interview with him from Issue 109 of Singletrack Magazine. He’s a guy that designs bikes that he wants to build and he wants to ride, and he rides because he wants to experience his surroundings and hear the dirt under his tyres. So it was not without some suspicion of the answers she might get that Hannah asked him about his thoughts on e-bikes.

Had she realised just quite how extensive his response would be, she might have got a cup of tea and a chair first – David manages to talk about how he feels about e-MTBs for five whole minutes without interruption. But you’ve been forewarned, so make yourself comfortable and listen to David enthusiastically and entertainingly bemoaning the tendencies of the human race and the false promises of e-MTbs.

As well his wider thoughts on e-bikes, he particularly picks up on the tendency of people to ‘chip’ e-bikes. Although this is a practice we’re aware of, we’re not aware that it’s a particularly common thing, at least in the UK – what do you think? Are people illegally souping them up as a matter of routine?

Safe to say that David won’t be bringing out a Turner e-bike any time soon! But he has brought out an on-trend ‘all road’ bike, for 28-38mm tyres, that he thinks is the ‘road bike that most people should be on’. To find out about that bike – and hear about the kind of riding he enjoys doing – hop on over here.

He has gone with one new trend though: an all-road bike.


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