Goodbye Amanda, Hello James

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After nearly seven years as Singletrack’s Art Director, Amanda leaves us next week as she starts a new role in the ultra-distance cycling scene.

Goodbye Amanda!

Amanda joined us fairly early in her mountain biking career, and jumped straight into both magazine design and product testing. During her time here she’s discovered the merits of socks, hated and then moved to clipless pedals, hated drop bars then become an ultra-gravelling and endurance queen, added her fair share of spinelines to our collection, and made ‘doodling’ an illustration for the most bizarre of briefs look effortless.

Her long-form stories have brought honesty and humour to the pages of Singletrack, as she and her Womb of Doom tackled a variety of adventures. As she heads off to her new role, we’ll miss her in the office but hope that she won’t disappear completely from the pages of Singletrack. Head to the comments to bid her farewell and share your favourite Amanda-isms.

Hello James!

The design of the print magazine is being taken over by James Vincent, whose photography – and occasional words – you will be familiar with. James is based in the Lake District and loves an arduous hike-a-bike followed by a descent of rocky jank. With years of design experience behind him, we’re looking forward to letting his creative juices flow, but will be doing our best not to agree to any bike rides with him.

We’re known for our wraparound covers. If you think you’ve got a shot that has cover potential, you can email it to for consideration. If you think you’ve got a potential magazine story, check out our guide to pitching to us.

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Hannah Dobson

Managing Editor

I came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. I like all bikes, but especially unusual ones. More than bikes, I like what bikes do. I think that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments. I try to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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  • Goodbye Amanda, Hello James
  • jkomo
    Full Member

    Sad times.

    Full Member

    Loved your art and your long-distances diaries, so it is a sad day. But… Good luck with the next adventure and welcome James!

    Full Member

    Loved reading about your bike holidays – it’s what got me started down that path. A sad day for Singletrack, best of luck in your new adventures.

    Welcome James!

    Full Member

    All the best to both in your new roles!

    Full Member

    Loved your arty touch and your long-distances diaries of your riding holidays, good luck in your new adventures.

    Hello James welcome to us all!

    Full Member

    Pretty sure I once met James on a Lakes ride. He’d done about 800 miles already and breezed past us on a climb as if he was on an eBike. He wasn’t.

    Lovely chap.

    Full Member

    Awww :( Sad times indeed..

    i’m useless with words.. but..

    Im going to really miss Amanda’s unique (in an awesome way!) fun adventure stories and artwork..
    (and fresh good friday video hilarity!)

    Full Member

    Good luck Amanda, loved what you have done at STW – especially your “touring” adventures.


    Full Member

    I don’t think you will have seen/read the last of Amanda – she’s leaving us in her art director capacity but we are planning to still make good use of her in a content capacity when she can spare us the time.

    Also, James may be more familiar to you under his forum name of…


    No really!

    Full Member

    Best of luck Amanda loved your style of work in the mag and such.

    Full Member

    Ha, cheers @mark – It’s a long story, and one I never thought would have such repercussions when I joined the forum all those years ago!

    Really looking forward to getting stuck in to the design of the mag, Amanda’s done a great job over the last seven years or so and I’ve got big shoes to fill!

    – your cheque’s in the post…


    Full Member

    Good luck in your new job Amanda! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about all your adventures and the geese.

    Full Member

    Ah! Never would have put James and @justinbieber together. The more you know eh?

    Full Member

    Thanks for your contributions to date, Amanda. Your work always came from a different place to a lot of content generated by guys who’d been in the cycling milieu for years and it was refreshing for it. All the best with the next step.

    Full Member

    Thanks for the content Amanda, it’s been great.


    Good luck James hope it goes brilliantly

    Full Member

    Well, bugger my boots. No more Hannah and Amanda dream team. Gutted.

    Amanda’s writing has always been entertaining and involving and STW was a better place for it. She will be sorely missed.

    James has got some very talented shoes to fill, although I imagine his feet are bigger, so I’m not sure how that’ll work. I’ve only seen James’ photography work and that’s pretty damn good, so I’m looking forward to what he can bring to STW. But the real question is will he be any good in FGF? The eyes of the world are upon him.

    Amanda, I wish you well in your new venture and hope to read about it in STW soon.

    Full Member

    I can promise you that you haven’t seen/read the last of me. Me and @justinbieber have already loosely planned our third enduropacking trip! You’ve got the second one to look forward to in issue 156 😁

    Thanks so much for the kind words everyone. I’ve loved my time here and I’m so excited to see what James does with the magazine. I might subscribe.

    Full Member

    I’m just waiting for the day I can unleash my inner David Carson ;-)

    Full Member

    Good luck in your new role Amanda. Sad to see you go as I’ve enjoyed the style and humour you have brought to Singletrack. Welcome and hello to James! Looking forward to your style and contributions.

    Full Member


    Full Member

    Great loss for STW..


    All the best for your new adventures!

    Full Member

    All the best for the new adventures Amanda – and good to meet you briefly at Frontier 300 registration! 😆

    Full Member

    Thank you Amanda – enjoyed your articles, art and design….

    Full Member

    Seems like a major blow to the mag’ and online content. You’ve left the magazine looking great and written alot of inspiring words. You will be missed!!!

    Full Member

    Good luck Amanda

    Full Member

    Loved your work in Singletrack Amanda, good luck with the future.

    Full Member

    Best of luck to you both in your new (ad)ventures

    Full Member

    Best of luck to you both. Loved your Spanish article Amanda!

    Full Member

    Aww man.
    Always enjoyed Amanda’s contributions.
    She often made me chuckle in the Megasack and review videos etc.

    Best of luck in your new role 🙂👊

    Full Member

    Good luck and thank you Amanda for many fabulous contributions.

    Welcome James. 🙂


    Full Member

    Ah… no… and hell yes. I find life easier when I’m a moving target. Thanks for the good times, and best of luck in your new times.  And don’t forget that maturity is an over-reaction to reality. Just ask if you need a tub of Bum Butter for your adventures.

    Full Member

    Wow. Big change.

    All the best for your new role @amandawishart and looking forward to your continued contributions.

    here’s hoping @justinbieber can bring another unique and exciting perspective to FGF and the annual megasack holiday specials.

    Full Member

    As @mark says, Amanda won’t be going far and she’ll now have even more time to go on and write about bonkers trips. And I’ll be looking forward to working with James on future issues.

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    Good luck to Amanda and thanks for the great work.  Welcome and good luck to James!

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    Jobs in the cycling industry must feel pretty precarious right now. Good luck Amanda, good luck James in your new roles. I look forward to seeing and reading more of both your content.

    Free Member

    Your new venture sounds a challenge Amanda !

    Good luck, some great doodles and reads over the years and some great photos.

    The diaries were a great effort and well written.

    Glad your not dissapearing completly.

    Good luck to James joining the team.

    Looking forward to Amanada s diaries of the Tour Divide 2025!!!  😀

    Full Member

    Good luck in your new job Amanda, hope you can still contribute the odd story to STW, really enjoyed your Spanish bike packing series.

    Will also miss your video double act with Hannah on FGF’s and the Megasack at Xmas.

    Au Revoir

    Full Member

    Sad news but congrats on the new direction. Please keep some diaries coming if you can find the time please.

    Hello James all the best.

    Full Member

    All the best in your new adventure Amanda.

    (Please, please come back for some guest appearances in the Mega sack competition, especially the out takes.)

    Full Member

    This is one thing I love about this mag, reading that Amanda is leaving and felling gutted but also gutted for the rest of the staff at ST Towers as you feel like a good friend is moving on. Wishing you the very best of luck in the future Amanda.

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