Tech Spots and Pit Chat: Fort William Special Podcast from Making Up The Numbers

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George has been up to Fort William to chat to folks in the pits before the racing kicks off. He’s also sent us a very interesting collection of photos. NB: There’s no video version for this episode. Enjoy, sports fans!

Pit Chat from the 2024 Fort William World Cup featuring (in order of appearance)…

Part 1

  • Dan Bladon
  • Reece Wilson & Joe Krejbich
  • Will Longden
  • Aaron Gwin
  • Emilie Siegenthaler
  • Ed Masters
  • Matt Walker (NZ) & George Brannigan
  • Tom Lloyd
  • Dom Platt

Part 2

  • Alan Milway
  • Grant Wildman
  • Ethan Craik & Rich Simpson
  • Jordi Cortes
  • Martin Whitely
  • Neko Mulally
  • Andi Kolb
  • Dan Slack
  • Henry Kerr

Part 3

  • Ian Warby 
  • Seth Sherlock
  • Angel Suarez
  • Dan Slack
  • Phil Seton
  • Adam Brayton
  • Charlie Hatton
  • Wyn Masters
  • Joe Breeden
  • Bernard Kerr
  • Jenna Hastings
  • Jack Reading
  • Nuno Reis
  • Tahnee Seagrave
  • Luke Williamson
  • Sam Blenkinsop
  • Taylor Vernon
  • Matt Walker (GB)
  • Finn Iles
  • Nathan Carr

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Fort William Tech Spots! 

About half of the 700 tyres Schwalbe will distribute this weekend
Check those grips on Joe Breeden’s Intense
Dak Norton’s Race Bike – Check those bars out
Fresh Schwalbe rubber on Nuno Reis’ RAW
Greg Minnaar’s Norco
Greg Minnaar’s Norco with braking telemetry
Matt Walker’s Race Bike
New river gap is a bit spicy
New Start Ramp straight from the restaurant
Reece Wilson’s Race Bike
Suspension Trickery on Joe Breeden’s Intense

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