Save big with a Singletrack Sub – Top Offers This Week

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It’s almost impossible to highlight the best deals available to our Singletrack members through our partnership with EZ Discounts as there are over 19k deals available. But we do get to hear of particularly great offers on a daily basis so here’s our guide this week to the best of them.

First of all, here’s the most popular deals that our members are grabbing as part of their annual membership package.

Singletrack members can access the thousands of offers available through our members portal area here

Asgard Sheds10%
Decathlonupto 50%
Giant20% (In store purchase)
Blacks Online15%
Bum Butter25%
Go Outdoors10% (In Store)
Win Your Dream Bike15%
Bell Helmets20%


Members can also access high street vouchers at a discount off the face value. Here’s just a sample of those on offer.

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  • Save big with a Singletrack Sub – Top Offers This Week
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