Video: 1990s Trials Throwback!

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When we were off at the GT Malverns Classic, Dieter got so excited (even more excited than usual!) about all the retro trials bikes that we couldn’t help feeling a little bit tingly ourselves. Even if you weren’t there, or never actually owned a trials bike, or couldn’t even do ze wheelie, we think this video will have you enthused about the golden age of hopping about.

As Dieter points out, it’s a very accessible gateway into show bikes and retrobike builds. Before you know it, you might have a loft full of bikes you only dreamed of as a young thing!

While you’re here and heading down the rabbit hole of 1990s, trials bikes, and teenage heroes, we’ve lifted the paywall on some stories we think will interest you. Just make sure you’re logged in (it’s free!) and you’ll be able to read these features from our archives:

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  • Video: 1990s Trials Throwback!
  • sharkattack
    Full Member

    I was 13 when I bought my first MBUK and saw people dicking about on trials bikes. I was totally sucked in but I never did have a nice bike, I just used to rip the headtubes off old XC frames by jumping off stuff to flat.

    That silver Pace is the one for me. I remember seeing Chris Akrigg ride one at the NEC and where everyone else was stopping and hopping he was going flat out hitting everything in sight. Loved it.

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