Save up to 50% in our big flip-off STW Shop Sale!

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We only have single digit numbers left of some of these items. Don’t miss out!

We could do with clearing the shop shelves in preparation for next season. Which is great news for YOU because you can snag a bargain. It’s great news for US as we get a few quid and some much needed storage space back at Singletrack Towers!


Right handy little pedal socks to stop your pedals attacking other things in your shed, house or car. Small SPD size only.

Was £17.99 Now £10.99

timber bell v4

Timber bells – band on

In my opinion, these are the best MTB product since tubeless. I would rather ride a bike with a Timber bell than one with gears. They clear shared trails in a lovely tingly way.

Was £27.99 Now £17.99

Subliminal message t-shirt

What does that say? It’s all about the three cornerstones of cycling. Cycling without these is just not the same.

Was £24.99 Now £12.49

klean kanteen

Kleen kanteen drinks flask

These are super mega great on winter rides. With a claimed 8-hour hot time you can take good coffee or Thai chicken soup on those long cold rides.

Was £32.99 Now £21.49

Klean Kanteen Food Flask

Kleen Kanteen Food Flask

Even more super-duper handy than the drinks flask is the food flask. It will keep curry hot and ice cream cold for hours… but not at the same time. That would be really weird.

Fed up with spending £7 every lunch hour. Geez, let’s work that out… that is like the price of a cool titanium frameset or a week in the Alps every year!

Was £29.99 Now £22.99

KMC e12 chain

KMC Chains

Where would you be without a good chain? Doing the fancy bike walk of shame… that is where! Big discounts on KMC 12 speed chains

Was £62.99 Now £35.99

aeropress coffee

Aeropress Coffee Maker

These make excellent coffee and that is why you need one. I keep one in the van to avoid service station coffee (it’s a flipping bonkers £6.50 for a Starbucks at the Eurotunnel now!) and one in the house for everyday use. Only a few left.

Was £39.99 Now £26.99

Hackney GT X Shirts

Only in XL and small, so all you average everyday medium people can stroll on by. Nothing to see here. You know what? I bet it is great being medium. I imagine you can walk into a shop without banging your head on the way in and buy things in your size without the shop assistant saying, “I can order one in, but it will be ages”. Medium people, you don’t know how lucky you are.

Was £55.00 Now £30.00

Don’t dilly or dally. Get in while the getting in is good!

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    Phew, looks like I blagged that Hackney top, I was gutted to miss out first time round!

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