From Burnley to Whistler, how far can you push trail tyres? 

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Part one of a three part Pirelli Scorpion vlog series, Mark tries the trail tyres at home then heads off to ride Whistler’s longest downhill!

Earlier this year Pirelli launched a comprehensive range of MTB tyres to cater from everything from Enduro/DH to lightweight XC race duties. All the tyres in the range have one main thing in common – they are all called Scorpion. Which Scorpion is right for you depends on what you want to do with it and in Benji’s full feature below you can read up on the all the details of the entire Pirelli Scorpion range.

Mark was in charge of riding the general purpose Scorpion Trail tyres and to do that he took them to Whistler to ride one of the longest continual DH trails in Canada – The famous Top Of The World trail.

In part one of our three part series on the Pirelli Scorpion Tyre range Benji grills Mark on how he got on.

More about the Pirelli Scorpion tyre range:

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