Bespoked Bike Check: Hulsroy Croc

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For the first time ever, the Bespoked Bike Show is leaving the UK and taking place in Dresden, Germany. From 13th-15th October, people will be able to go and peruse gorgeous hand built bikes and accessories, and chat to their makers. Sadly we couldn’t make the trip this year, so we’re bringing a taste of the show to these pages. Maybe it’ll whet your appetite to head along, or maybe it’ll make you wish you were there enough to get organised for next time.

Hulsroy Croc

This bike is actually called the Hulsroy 🐊 . A crocodile emoji, not the word crocodile. Think Prince, but less purple and more green.

The 🐊 is a custom fillet brazed steel 29er hardtail designed around a 100mm sus fork. It has pretty standard XC geometry, optimised for its owner.

The frame also came with a heavy duty suspension corrected steel fork for when the owner is going bike packing where more luggage is needed.

Mads is based in Aarhus, Denmark and has been building bikes since 2012 – although he says ‘I make a lot of other things than bikes’. ‘I will build any bike that has two wheels and will make you smile. I specialize in making bikes look balanced and proportionally elegant while feeling just right for the owner.’ Working in steel, this particular bike is made with Columbus Steel + T45 steel + Stainless steel, fillet brazed.

He says the most challenging part of the build was designing the UDH dropouts, having them 3d printed to correct specs and then tapping threads into them. He loves the Columbus R800 bent seat tube, but if he was doing things again he’d use a yoke for similar chainstay length and wheel/tyre size. ‘We were pushing things!’.

While you’re here…

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  • Bespoked Bike Check: Hulsroy Croc
  • benpinnick
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    No surprise the show has moved to Germany – the UK bike market is (probably) the worst in the world right now!

    Sad to see it go but it needs to move with the times I guess.

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    @benpinnick There’s no handmade bike show in Europe, but lots of builders. And there’s a sort of maternity leave element to having it out in Dresden this year! I think in future it’s hoped that Bespoked will either alternate on an annual basis between UK and Europe, or maybe have a spring and autumn show. It’s not intended to be a ‘leaving the UK forever’ move.

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    The brazed show in Glasgow was small but very popular, there should be a midland & northern England one.

    Having been to bespoked most years it’s lost it way from being about the building to becoming about the artisan.

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