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  • Bespoked Bike Check: Hulsroy Croc
  • stwhannah
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    For the first time ever, the Bespoked Bike Show is leaving the UK and taking place in Dresden, Germany. From 13th-15th October, people will be able to …

    By stwhannah

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    Bespoked Bike Check: Hulsroy Croc

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    No surprise the show has moved to Germany – the UK bike market is (probably) the worst in the world right now!

    Sad to see it go but it needs to move with the times I guess.

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    @benpinnick There’s no handmade bike show in Europe, but lots of builders. And there’s a sort of maternity leave element to having it out in Dresden this year! I think in future it’s hoped that Bespoked will either alternate on an annual basis between UK and Europe, or maybe have a spring and autumn show. It’s not intended to be a ‘leaving the UK forever’ move.

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    The brazed show in Glasgow was small but very popular, there should be a midland & northern England one.

    Having been to bespoked most years it’s lost it way from being about the building to becoming about the artisan.

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