The Enduro World Series winners are…

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In case you missed it, it was the final round of the Enduro World Series yesterday. Here’s who won the Elite Women’s and Men’s and also the Team categories.

Elite Women Overall results:

Elite Men Overall results:

Team Overall results:

Report from the Enduro World Series:

Chatel crowns inaugural UCI Enduro World Cup overall series winners

The first ever UCI Enduro World Cup drew to a close amongst some of Europe’s most iconic mountains, as the new series winners dropped into the finish bowl in Chatel to a rapturous French crowd.

The seventh and final round of the inaugural UCI Enduro World Cup, part of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series Festival Haute-Savoie, tested riders over a mammoth seven stage course that covered nearly 60km of trails in the famous Portes du Soleil area.

The seventh and final round of the inaugural UCI Enduro World Cup, part of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series Festival Haute-Savoie, tested riders over a mammoth seven stage course that covered nearly 60km of trails in the famous Portes du Soleil area.

Isabeau Courdurier (Pic: Enduro World Series)

In the women’s competition, the overall series win was Isabeau Courdurier’s to lose. The Lapierre Zipp Collective racer only needed to put in a conservative effort in order to lift the new trophy, with Morgane Charre (Pivot Factory Racer) the lone rider who was theoretically capable of depriving the two times Enduro World Series overall winner the title. And despite Charre’s heroic efforts, the race win was not enough to stop Courdurier from securing the overall title.

Charre won today’s race by six seconds ahead of Courdurier in second place, while Harriet Harnden (Trek Factory Racing Gravity) took third place. The same three would find themselves on the overall series podium, but with Courdurier on the top step and Charre and Harnden in second and third respectively.

Richie Rude (Pic: Enduro World Series)

In the men’s race, series leader Richie Rude (Yeti/Fox Factory Racing) got off to a shaky start, with sixth place on the first stage whilst main series rival Jesse Melamed (Canyon CLLCTV) took the win. Melamed’s performance was a masterclass in consistency, with the reigning Enduro World Series overall winner taking four of the seven stages. The Canadian rider’s performance was awarded with the race win, with Alex Rudeau (Commencal Enduro Project) claiming second and Rude awarded the third step of the podium.

Rude’s third place would hand him his first UCI Enduro World Cup overall trophy to sit alongside the two Enduro World Series overall ones he’s garnered in the past. Melamed would take second in the overall, whilst Alex Rudeau would claim third.

In the U21 Women, the closest race in the category to date raged all day between Slovakia’s Simona Kuchynkova and Great Britain’s Emily Carrick-Anderson – with Kuchynkova clinching the win by just one hundredth of a second. Behind Carrick-Anderson was Switzerland’s Delia Da Mocogno.

However a strong season meant Emmy Lan (Forbidden Synthesis Team) won the overall title, with Elly Hoskin in second and Lily Planquart (Lapierre Zipp Collective) in third.

In the U21 Men it was Raphael Giambi (Specialized Enduro Team) who was fastest on the day, with Lisandru Bertini (Lapierre Zipp Collective) in second and Lief Rodgers of Canada in third. Bertini’s impressive record this year secured him the overall title, with Giambi in second and Australia’s Sascha Kim in third place.

Rude’s win would secure Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team the win in the team competition.

Full results and rankings after the weekend’s race are available here.

Pic: Enduro World Series

How was it for you?

Did you follow the Enduro World Series this year? If so, what were your highlights and lowlights? How was the (before, during, after) coverage? If you didn’t follow the series this year, why didn’t you? Comment below! 👇

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  • The Enduro World Series winners are…
  • benpinnick
    Full Member

    So gutted for Emily Carrick-Anderson. After such an amazing race to lose the Chatel race by a fraction of a second…

    Free Member

    Any thoughts on what makes the series strong from a UK women’s perspective but less succesful with the men?

    Full Member

    Congratulations to the winners.
    The big question is, with various teams shutting down or leaving Enduro racing, and what feels like almost zero promotion and coverage of the series this year, either buy the promoters of the cycling press, is this the last meaningful year of world Enduro racing?

    Full Member

    i was wondering the same. 5 British women in the top 20. No British men. And Baraona, Harden, Connelly all good enough to challenge the mighty Isabeau Courdurier and win it!
    Could it be the legacy of Tracy Mosley?

    Full Member

    Where is this stuff televised? Only thing I could find yesterday afternoon was Ed Masters preview on YouTube.

    Full Member

    @mtbfix there’s no ‘live’ coverage of the Enduro.

    The UCI YouTube channel has highlights videos.

    Free Member

    Any thoughts on what makes the series strong from a UK women’s perspective but less succesful with the men?

    UK men are having good success in DH with Jordan, Laurie, Danny, Matt, Bernard, Joe & more all podium contenders.

    Perhaps UK women are finding enduro more accessible though?

    Free Member

    I think they need a rethink with Enduro; one day events this year haven’t seemed as interesting. And there does seem to be a level of dissatisfaction with the series.

    I think Live coverage is going to be a while, if at all; look at motorcycle EnduroGP…..that relies on highlights on You Tube – no live coverage at all. Hard Enduro is similar, with only the Erzbergrodeo streamed live as its in one venue. I suspect both those sports have more money, and they can’t provide live coverage.

    Even the WRC has gone All Live in the last few years.

    I think they should revert to last year’s format, and try streaming the Saturday evening Pro Stage live, which is also the final stage on the Sunday – so the cameras can stay in the same place.



    Full Member

    Any thoughts on what makes the series strong from a UK women’s perspective but less succesful with the men?

    I think Tracy is definitely a factor, along with a strong grass roots scene (less so now) over the last 10 years. And the tweed valley factor helps. Some of it is just momentum too. When you’re riding with people who are winning, you get dragged up and along.

    I know for Ella it was kind of a fluke that she ended up racing in Enduro rather than XC, and had she have been a guy that would have been a transition that probably wouldn’t have worked out (because she didn’t have the years or enduro or DH under her belt that would be helpful to differentiate from the pack). As it was with a smaller field to compete against she was able to shine a lot brighter a lot quicker and that generated its own momentum for her which has really worked out well in the long term.

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