5 Reasons Brage Vestavik’s Latest Video Is Brilliant

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This video from Brage Vestavik is well worth a watch. Packed with good vibes, awesome riding, heavy metal music and… hardly any actual Brage. And yet it’s still great. Here’s why.

1. No Ego

Brage is hardly in it. Instead, he’s using his platform and influence to build some infrastructure for the community and showcase other riders. There are loads of kids riding too, and everyone looks like they’re having a great time. Stoked on bikes, cheering each other on rather than competing.


2. New Faces

It’s not the usual list of riders we see at many invitationals and freeride circuit events. We learn many of these new riders’ names and Instagram handles, so we can follow them.

3. Limited Branding

It’s a GT sponsored video, but not all the riders are on GT bikes. Props to GT for supporting the scene, regardless of the product.

Drop Bar Brand Manager

Role: Hunt Dropbar Brand Manager (UK focus) Team: Marketing Location: Steyning, West Sussex (The ideal candidate is available to work from TRF headquarters in West Sussex headquarters 3-5 days per…

4. Loads of Women

There are women absolutely shredding. And they’re not the women we’re seeing elsewhere in the big freeride scene events.


5. Less Fuss, More Riding

Hardly anyone is wearing actual mountain bike clothing. It’s like the 90s all over again. Just ride your bike.


And no, we don’t know why that very high drop had to be quite so skinny. Maybe wood was expensive? Anyway, as well as being great for all the above reasons, it’s got some seriously impressive riding. Enjoy.

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  • 5 Reasons Brage Vestavik’s Latest Video Is Brilliant
  • desperatebicycle
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    Great vid. Godawful music 😂

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    Is this the new normal?  That’s just crazy and the drop is frightening.  Great vid though, the level people are at now is so high

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