Mental Mondays #10 – The Royal Waiting Edition

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Hannah made this one for the royal festivities, and then it all got too much and the flapping of bunting and glinting of gold (not a surfeit of Pimms) made everyone here at STW have a little lie down. So after a little extra waiting – not exactly out of keeping with new King Charlie’s position – here’s your monarchy themed edition of Mental Mondays.

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Singletrack Crossword #10

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Win a Singletrack Tea Towel

If you successfully complete the Singletrack crossword then that get’s you a free entry into our prize draw. This week that incredible prize beyond your wildest dreams is our organic tea towel. We were so blown away by the cover artwork of issue 131, we turned it in to a super cool tea towel. Yes, tea towels are now super cool.

Acrostic #10 – For Our Mobile Members

Something new this week. A puzzle better suited for our mobile users using a selection of the clues from our crossword.

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Slider #10 – Ariel

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Solution to Singletrack Crossword #9

Well done to these users who completed Crossword #9

*We salute you sir

NameTime Taken
Jamie Marshall00:25:15
Tony Smith00:17:24
Dave Macdonald00:32:35
Tony Smith00:17:24
Justin Bieber00:14:52
Dave B00:47:11
pete t00:17:29
Giles Fulford02:14:03
Martin Sheldon00:13:11
too modest00:32:12
Tom Levell00:26:02
Adam Branston (ads678)00:21:18
Andy Whincup00:20:11
Toby W.00:20:26
tom kirkpatrick00:38:01
Jon Keefe00:32:27

Week #9 Winners

Yak was first to complete the puzzle. Our random winner is Moff.

Contact with your address, to claim your prize. Make sure you use the same email address you entered into the completed puzzle panel.

Wordsearch for all

This week’s free wordsearch is made up of the answers from last week’s crossword. Registration is required for this, so make sure you are logged in.

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  • Mental Mondays #10 – The Royal Waiting Edition
  • Yak
    Full Member

    Whoop whoop!
    This week’s is harder though – less speed.

    Full Member

    Stuck on the King Arthur one…

    Full Member

    Will it beat me this week. I couldn’t figure it the Rockshox one or the DH fork one to save my life.

    Oh well there’s always next week

    Sc-XC, you’ll get there, and once you do, you’d kick yourself.

    Full Member

    Stuck on the King Arthur one…

    An hour & a half of trying to get that last one. I needed to sharpen up, clearly.

    Full Member

    Stuck on the King Arthur one…

    Yeah, so was I, and the radioactive one. Left it for two days, came back to them and got them straight away.

    Full Member

    That was a challenge this week. Think it’s the first time I’ve completed all the puzzles though.

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