Issue 148: Looking The Other Way

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How can a failed attempt at a record be considered a success? Steve Bate shows how a struggle can offer an alternative perspective. Words Steve Bate Photography Paudie Spillane Who is Steve Bate? After being diagnosed with the degenerative eye condition retinitis pigmentosis, Steve Bate MBE, to give him his proper title, had to rethink his plans for becoming a mountain guide. After a solo climb of Yosemite’s El Capitan that proved to himself that his tunnel vision need not hold him back, he turned his focus to cycling. Here he has become a gold medal-winning Paralympian and world champion,...

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  • Issue 148: Looking The Other Way
  • Karinofnine
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    Good effort, well done you. How are your feet now? All healed up I hope? When is your next attempt? Best wishes K

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