HUNT Launches XC Race Wheelset with Classified Compatible Hubs

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Popular UK wheel specialist HUNT has today launched its latest wheelset, utilising their Proven Carbon Race XC rims, but laced to Classified’s Powershift 148 Boost hub shell. We’ll have a closer look coming soon at those Classified internals, but for now over to HUNT for the full details on their wheels:


Introducing Classified x HUNT Proven Carbon Race XC:

At HUNT, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cycling technology to provide our riders with the best possible experience on the trails. Whether it’s through our in-house innovations or collaborations with esteemed partners, we are always striving to deliver real on-trail benefits to our customers.

Today, we are proud to introduce our latest breakthrough product: the Classified x HUNT Proven Carbon Race XC wheelset. This cutting-edge wheelset combines our meticulously tuned carbon XC rims with Classified’s groundbreaking Powershift 148 Boost hub shell, ready to accept Classified’s innovative 2-speed, wireless Powershift drivetrain.

Double the Technology: A Perfect Match:

The collaboration between Classified’s Powershift hub system and HUNT’s Proven carbon rim technology is a match made in mountain bike heaven. Our Proven Carbon Race XC rim system, developed by our in-house engineers at our headquarters in Sussex, UK, and thoroughly tested by our professional riders at World Class races around the world, features a modern 30mm internal rim width that perfectly complements modern XC and trail tyres. These lightweight carbon rims provide exceptional grip, traction, and braking control while maintaining front-wheel compliance and rear-wheel support through their unique carbon layups and construction.

Using our extensive experience building high-performance mountain bike wheels, we have worked closely with Classified to create the Proven Carbon Race XC wheel system, which integrates their innovative hub shell while retaining the ride characteristics that our Proven range is renowned for. This includes the optimal combination of carbon layup, construction, resin choice, spoke gauge, and count, resulting in a lightweight, compliant, and durable wheelset that offers the benefits of a 2x system with the simplicity of a 1x drivetrain.

530% Range: Unleash Your Potential:

With the Classified Powershift system installed (available separately from authorized Classified dealers), the Classified x HUNT Proven Carbon Race XC wheelset offers an unprecedented 530% range, setting a new standard for cross-country performance. Meaning you’ll have the perfect gear for every situation, whether tackling a gruelling climb or sprinting to the finish line. The Powershift hub’s rapid 150-millisecond shifting works flawlessly even under heavy load or while not pedalling, providing you with maximum flexibility, a more usable range of gears, and the ability to maintain momentum with ease.

Consistent Suspension: Smoother, More Efficient Ride:

The majority of modern full-suspension mountain bikes have been designed around a 1x drive system, as this cuts down on the complication of fitting a front derailleur, but more importantly, it reduces the impact a 2x system can have on the bike’s anti-squat. Using just a single ring up front allows bike designers to offer a bike that performs more consistently through the gear range.

As the Classified system relies on a weatherproof internal 2-speed hub system, the anti-squat characteristics will behave as intended, providing a smoother, more efficient ride while doubling the number of gears available.

Classified x HUNT Proven Carbon Race XC Specifications:

  • 30mm internal rim width for optimal tire performance
  • 22mm rim depth for a perfect balance of weight and durability
  • Tailored for cross-country riding and racing
  • Built with meticulous attention to weight and durability
  • Premium cold-forged Pillar 1420 bladed spokes for maximum strength and reliability.
  • Innovative Classified Powershift hub shell (ready to accept the Powershiftdrive system available from authorized Classified dealers)
  • Boost and 29er options only for optimal performance
  • Just 1339g per pair for a lightweight setup (excluding Powershift internals)
  • Price £949, $1149 (excluding Powershift internals)

Pre-Order Now!

If you’re ready to elevate your cycling experience to new heights with the Classified x HUNT Proven Carbon Race XC wheel system, you can pre-order from our website starting today.

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