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Havok Bike Park 2.0 – Back With A Vengeance…

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Havok Bike Park, Todmorden, closed in November 2021 following storm damage and proceeded to be permanently closed by the landowner. This was a huge loss to the local riding scene, not only for the steep natural downhill trails, but also the freeride section that could be likened to North Shore BC. The quality of the trails, dirt jumps and woodwork had to be seen to be believed, so we’re pleased to hear that Havok Bike Park 2.0 is nearly ready to open.

Open Weekend: 29/30th April 2023

So far we’ve got 3 trails built and a plan for 4 more top to bottom before we get the uplift in place. We’re planning on opening on the weekend of the 29th to push/pedal up members or day passes. With a dual slalom race and hopefully some camping should the weather be good. 

Sam Peel – Havok Bike Park
Havok Dig Crew are passionate perfectionists

Looking back, it is almost 7 years to the day that Havok Bike Park hosted it’s original open weekend. During the past 7 years Singletrack World has shot many bike tests at the old park, the PMBA has used it as a venue, Josh Bryceland and 50to01 Crew have visited, Harry Main, Tommy C Hype and countless others have all made a journey to Todmorden to see what all the fuss is (or was) about. Nobody left disappointed, and there’s no doubt a lot of work has gone into the new park so far.

The Rebuild has began…. Havok 2.0 is in the works – the ultimate biking destination in the Northwest. I’m excited to share with you that after many weeks of hard work and dedication, our team has hand-built some epic new trails that are sure to get your heart racing.

But that’s not all – This Easter weekend we started the digging for our new UPLIFT track. However, we’ve hit a bit of a snag and need to employ a bigger digger to get us to the top. Don’t worry, though – we’re working hard to get everything ready for our grand opening which shall be announced in the coming weeks. We even have a little surprise located at the top of the park which we can’t wait to show all members and visitors alike. This means even more exciting terrain for you to conquer and show off your skills. The raised funds will go towards hiring a large 8 tonne digger to make the build process easier and smoother for our trail team, meaning a closer date for you all to bed in that new rubber on our trails.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie looking to up your game, Havok 2.0 has got you covered. Get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime on our brand new trails. Be ready for the phoenix rising from the flames, please donate as little or as much as possible: as every little does help 😉

UPDATE: After 3 days we hit have our initial target! Havok bike park would like to thank all donators who are now friends to get the uplift trail built. However the work doesn’t stop there, as a team we can see the love everyone new and old will have for the new site. We have extended the fund as the more we raise the more digger days we can have on the hill crafting some superb trails. This is just the beginning….

Jake Rainford via GoFundMe
Overlooking the old bike park

Check out the latest build photos:

You can show your support and help to fund the return of the gnarliest bike park in the north by donating on Go Fund Me. You can also pre-order Havok Bike Park Angry Bean clothing at Shredz.uk.

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  • Havok Bike Park 2.0 – Back With A Vengeance…
  • daveylad
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    That sounds like good news.
    It’s been mostly bad news recently with sites/uplifts closing down, Aston hill, revs, cwmcarn dh, stoughton with the dare valley gravity announcement only yesterday.

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    Good news indeed

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    Will keep an eye on this for sure!

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