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Charlie’s Birthday Bargain – Old Dog New Tricks

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51, I think it’s 51 this year. Recently I have been mostly preventing the onset of old age by ignoring it, losing count of the years, and successfully maintaining a steady state of injury.

Myself, Mark, and other Singletrack members head to skateboard coaching sessions at Greystone indoor skatepark once or twice a week. This is going very well. They have a cool bowl, a very nice bar and make a great cod cheek katsu curry. I started skateboarding in 1977 and never really stopped but stopped trying hard over 30 years ago. So, in these sessions we learn new tricks that were invented after I stopped paying attention, and then sometimes the session will focus on retro moves… and that is when this old hairy surfer comes alive.

Trick to Injury Ratio?

It’s going well. My trick to injury ratio is about 1:1. I won’t list the new tricks, but I have successfully achieved a fractured sternum, turbo stubbed tow, squished nose, smashed thumb, donked head (in a helmet) and a brain dizzy with joyous endorphins. My partner asked if I had been drinking… “no, I’m just really really happy”.

I think it’s all about the feeling of fast. The effortless magical flow that allows you to go places you otherwise simply can’t get to. Humans can’t normally carve across a vertical surface. And in this respect, it is very much like mountain biking. We have these amazing devices that let us rip it up between trees faster than we can run, allow us to fly through the air, and ultimately take us beyond normal.

Be extranormal.

My Gift to Myself

So, what does a 51-year-old skater buy himself for his birthday present? Looking ahead to the next dump of snow, whilst looking back to the 1980’s and my days of homemade snowboards. It’s the Burton Throwback. It’s a retro way to get rad, whilst hurting yourself a little, whilst refusing to grow old. And it gets even better, this lark has a great name. This binderless snow surfing is known as “snurfing”. PSA: use code “firstchair” and there is 30% off at Burton. Expires midnight 6th April.

Discount code “firstchair” gets you 30% off at Burton – expires end 6/4/23


My Gift to You: Grease Your Crease and Save 25%.

Charlie has your ar$e covered with 25% off his Bum Butter from now ‘til he returns to work after the Easter weekend. He assures us that Bum Butter is a great natural chamois cream, that is not only vegan, but is also “female friendly”.

No code required but do make sure you are logged in to see the special price.

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Charlie Hobbs

Merch & Marketing Manager at Singletrack

Grumpy, happy, hairy, overweight and awesome. I started riding offroad in 1978, and never stopped. I was once Charlie The Bikemonger, I invented orienBEERing, the Clunker Classic, and the Dorset Gravel Dash. I own the Bum Butter brand and I'm a co-owner of Dirt Dash Events. I also work at Singletrack, I have the self-appointed job title of "Overlord of the leftovers" and look after the merch shop, and marketing. Other interests include skateboards, surfboards, motorbikes, and cooking (I invented the Beefer Reefer).

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  • Charlie’s Birthday Bargain – Old Dog New Tricks
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    Happy Birthday Charlie!


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    21 again, eh?

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    WTF is a Beefer Reefer?

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    @doomanic. Beefer reefer. It’s beef and Yorkshire pud rolly polly. Have a look in Singletrack issue 138.

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    You are a meer your!
    Happy Birthday

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    Many Happy Returns, Charlie. 51? Pfft. If you live to 103, you’re not even halfway there.

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    Many happy returns!

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    Nothing beats a buttery bum. Other than a reduced rate buttery bum that is.

    Thanks fella. And happy birthday.

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