Move Over Chris Akrigg, Hello Leo Smith

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Two northerners in one day? It’s almost like oop north is the centre of the mountain bike universe… While Chris Akrigg might have been the poster boy of your bedroom walls when you were younger, Leo Smith – or LandoSteezy – might be more likely to be adorning the walls of your own kids’ bedrooms. (Do kids have posters in this digital age?)

This up and coming Mancunian rider combines BMX and street style with mountain bike skills, pulling some impressive shapes whatever the terrain.

Often to be found riding or coaching at Graystone indoor skate and bike park, or at Farmer John’s bike park, Leo rediscovered riding during lockdown. He’d previously ridden BMX, but let his riding lapse. It seems the adage ‘it’s just like riding a bike’ is true… this guy’s got skills.

Leo Smith is a bodge job. And a proud one at that. Hailing from the streets of Manchester in the North of England, Leo—known to his thousands of Instagram followers as @Landosteezy—is a self-proclaimed helper of the people. Forging his own path in the bike industry, Leo is creating space in the sport for everyone.


The PR says…

There’s no avoiding the elephant in the room: Lando Steezy is larger than your average athlete. But this doesn’t stop him from doing insanely athletic things on his bike. Lando’s logic-defying tricks are a big reason why he’s amassed such a huge online following. Still, his disarmingly down-to-earth, positive and genuinely likeable personality in real life is what really sets him apart.

We imagine online “influencers” to be somewhat contrived, self-absorbed and perhaps a little entitled. But that couldn’t be further from Lando’s truth. With no interest in competition and solely driven by creative expression, Lando’s approach to the sport is whole-heartedly grassroots. Bringing people into the sport through social media and coaching, he’s lighting the spark and encouraging others by being himself.

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  • Move Over Chris Akrigg, Hello Leo Smith
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    Skilllz! Good to see someone who isn’t a ripped waif ripping it on bikes. Although that takes away my excuse for being shit!!

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    What a great attitude. Me gusta!

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    Really nice guy, chatted to him at Malverns, super enthusiastic about bikes.

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    Loving this.Thanks for posting Hannah.

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    Enjoyed that. Thanks!

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