NBD: Mondraker Raze Alloy, Bold Unplugged, Starling Murmur Stainless…

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… Transition Relay details, Frog Bikes Hybrid 61, Van Nicholas Ventus Jr Titanium balance bike, Selle Novus Boost Evo in Nubuck leather, REEB Cycles Lustful DreamBuild and Dometic Go Camping equipment.

Mondraker press release:


First it was the RAZE CARBON. Now comes the RAZE ALLOY. The logical step for all of you who were expecting an aluminium version of the trail model that changed the very definition of what ‘trail’ was until now. A new version that maintains the most aggressive mountain bike philosophy as we here at Mondraker understand it.

The new RAZE ALLOY, in both RAZE and RAZE R configurations, shares the same geometry and kinematics as the RAZE CARBON but with a STEALTH ALLOY frame. A bike that satisfies the demand for versatile aluminium Trail bikes while inheriting the same qualities and performance as the carbon model.

As such we’ve maintained the 150mm fork, coupled with 130mm of rear wheel travel utilizing our effective ZERO SUSPENSION SYSTEM.

The perfect bike for riders looking for an all-purpose full suspension MTB offering strong pedalling efficiency, a robust fork and generous travel to enjoy descents in complete safety.

Visit our website to get all the details on one of Mondraker’s most stand-out models for 2023.

Bold Cycles press release:

The all-new BOLD UNPLUGGED 2023

BOLD CYCLES introduces its new progressive carbon ENDURO bike. The BOLD UNPLUGGED is offered with 170 mm of travel in the front and 160 mm in the rear. Two versions will be available, which differ in build specifications and setup depending on the size. Integration and handling are the key features on this innovative and technology driven, premium enduro bike. The UNPLUGGED will be available in 40 international markets.

The BOLD UNPLUGGED is the pinnacle of innovation, focused on technical and esthetic details to emphasize its industry leading innovation and design. Created by passionate bikers and engineered for those wanting a high-end experience of technology and design.

Vincenz Droux, Head of Engineering & Design Bold Cycles: «Integration has always been a core feature of our bikes. With the new UNPLUGGED we continue to follow this credo. Upon analyzing forces going into the frame, with the UNPLUGGED we decided to place the shock horizontally near the downtube junction. This ensures an extremely low center of gravity a offers plenty of clearance for long-travel seatposts. In addition to the IST VP suspension technology designed for progressive enduro riding, the bike features several other innovative solutions. The “Save The Day Kit” in the downtube, an optimized SAG and Bottom-Out Indicator and geometry adjustment options at the front and rear are just a few. The playful yet smooth handling coupled with a chassis with lots of pop and plenty of support in the mid-travel range provide incredible performance and round out the package for the ambitious enduro rider.»

Years of experience in development, frame building and manufacturing inspires us to question and redefine the rules of existing technology concepts. Integration has always been a key feature on our bikes and the search for non-conventional ideas to push the boundaries of technology in order to create bikes that are designed to elevate the riders experience.

With the goal to create the best ride quality in combination with a clean, integrated design, we have discarded the principles of classic full-suspension frame design, and redefined the traditional linkage systems to suit our frame’s kinematics and suspension characteristics by integrating the rear suspension into the frame design.

Progressive geometry in combination with the innovative Internal Suspension Technology brings the perfect mix of balance and control to the UNPLUGGED. The shock is mounted in the lowest possible position inside the front triangle thanks to this design. This central and low mounting point for the shock, rocker link and pivot, but also the bottle cage lead to a very low center of mass, giving superb handling capabilities.


Frame stiffness, lowest center of gravity and optimum shock performance are the key benefits to our Internal Suspension Technology. The condition of the rear shock has a significant impact on suspension performance. The shock is always protected from dirt, water and crashes to ensure it is functioning at its best. As a result, the bike benefits from better handling, longer shock service intervals and a more stable, confidence inspiring ride.


With the shock placed internally, we are able to design an ultra compact linkage system for low weight and high stiffness. The linkage is directly attached to the shock and mounted to an axle inside the frame, meaning the suspension pivots no longer have to be constructed around the frame. This makes our link shorter than any other traditional suspension platform. Using a Virtual Pivot linkage design improves the suspension feel, pedaling and braking response to work with maximum efficiency. Our kinematic suspension curve gives supple small bump sensitivity and therefore exceptional traction characteristics, perfect support in the mid-stroke and a controlled deep stroke for perfect bottom out control.

Having the ability to tune the bottom bracket height and head angle allows you to optimize the geometry and handling for you and your rides. With the Flip-Chip on the Bold VarioTec you can change the bottom bracket height by +/-5 mm giving the UNPLUGGED frame the availability to be customized off-the-shelf. You can adjust the head angle by effective +/-1 degree slacker or steeper. This can be done by rotating the headset cups 180 degrees.

The UNPLUGGED Product Range 2023

The new UNPLUGGED comes in 2 different versions and 2 framesets: UNPLUGGED ULTIMATE (10.999 €), UNPLUGGED PRO (8.999 €), UNPLUGGED frameset in BLACK or GREY (5.999 €).

The UNPLUGGED will be available by the beginning of 2023. Pricing might vary according to currency, please reach out to your local BOLD contact for further information.


Transition press release:

Transition RELAY Full Details Announced

Living in uncharted territory, the Relay is a lightweight, long travel, modular mountain bike.

We have always wanted a bike that could provide both an electric and non-electric experience in one chassis. The Relay is light, efficient, and quiet. This provides a more intuitive and natural feel on trail than many would expect from an eMTB. The Relay is here and ready to meet all of your mountain biking needs. Going for a rip with friends on eMTB’s? Power it up and head out. Going for a rip with some friends on mountain bikes? Simply remove the battery and hit the trail with no tools required. The Relay does it all.


Full of modularity, the Relay can be ridden with the battery installed and powered, or removed, which transforms it into a regular mountain bike. Its versatility allows you to take it on a road trip where your plans include riding in areas that are legal for eMTB’s, and also areas that do not allow eMTB’s. The tool free battery door allows you to remove and reinstall the battery in a matter of seconds.


The Relay and Relay PNW share the same frame. The lower shock flip chip adjusts the geometry to compensate for a 27.5″ or 29″ rear wheel. Both Relay and Relay PNW have the ability to be run at 160 or 170mm travel front and rear, dual 29 or mixed wheel. Riders can choose the Relay with dual 29 and 160mm travel for a more lightweight, trail bike feel, or chase their burly trail dreams with the heavy hitting Relay PNW with 170mm travel and mixed wheels. The Relay is purpose built to be ridden hard and comes equipped with a component spec for doing so. Making both the Relay and Relay PNW two of the lighter, heavy hitting eMTBs on the market.


The lightweight 60Nm Fazua Ride60 drive unit weighs 4.3lb/1.96kg. The minimal drag and power to weight ratio provide the magic when not riding with power. As you begin to ride beyond the speed cutoff you’re not penalized when continuing to push beyond the assistance like that of traditional eMTBs. The 430Wh battery, 60Nm torque, 250Wh continuous power, 450Wh peak power, and overall bike weight work harmoniously together. This all equates to an experience that exceeds what you might expect from its numbers.


Starling Cycles newsletter:

Last Call For Stainless

This will be your last chance to order the Stainless Murmur.

Stainless was always meant to be small-batch and limited edition. The Stainless Murmur is super special and not something we’ll ever include in our ‘Core’ collection of bikes.

There’s no doubt they look and ride amazingly well but those extra-special, shiny gems take a lot of work to create. Moving Workshop gives us a chance to double down on UK-based, in-house production and that’s where we want our focus to be for the foreseeable future.

That means if you want a Stainless Murmur, now’s your chance. When they’re gone, they’re gone and there won’t be another batch.

Never say never, but, it’ll be at least a year or two before we consider a re-order.


Frog Bikes press release:

Introducing the new Frog 61 hybrid bike

The new Frog 61 model, is the next Frog hybrid bike to be released in our new and improved frame range. The Frog 61 replaces the existing Frog 62 model and is the ideal multi-purpose geared bike for 8-10-year-olds.

The Frog 61 model is part of the new and improved frame range and is replacing the existing Frog 62 model. It has been carefully designed so a growing child can use the bike for longer. Riders will also notice it is easier to handle because it is lighter since it uses less aluminium, which reduces its environmental impact too.

It offers a lower bottom bracket to ensure a safer more ergonomic riding experience, which also allows for a greater leg length range to be accommodated, perfect for growing legs. And the handlebar height can be adjusted within a 40mm range, as a child grows – making it a great investment!

The new Frog 61 bike offers many benefits:

  • Weighs less than its predecessor making it easier to manoeuvre
  • Lower bottom bracket for a more ergonomic riding experience and allows for a greater leg-length range to be accommodated
  • Adjustable handlebar height as kids grow
  • Small, easy-to-reach brake levers for better control
  • Youth-specific 8-speed gear shifters to make changing gears a breeze
  • Low Q-factor (the distance between the pedals) for ease of pedalling
  • Quick-release saddle for easy height adjustment as children grow
  • Free 5-year warranty on frames and forks
  • Reflectors, mudguard and bell included. The Frog 61 is also equipped with a mounting bracket for a kickstand
  • Colours available: Green, Electric Blue, Red, Purple and Pink Orange and Pink (with orange to be released later)


Van Nicholas press release:

Van Nicholas introduce the Ventus Jr. Titanium balance bike – for the next generations of titanium riders

How do you give your children the ultimate head start towards achieving cycling expertise? Start them on a Van Nicholas Ventus Jr. Titanium balance bike, of course!

Studies have shown that children who rode balance bikes started independent cycling at younger ages than children who only used training wheels. At Van Nicholas, we hypothesize that the use of a Titanium balance bike with full carbon fork and wheels might even help children to ride better, and faster, much quicker, and for longer than other balance bikes (but this isn’t backed up by any scientific research… yet…)

“Titanium’s lightweight but robust nature makes it the perfect material for very young riders,” says Ralph Moorman, General Manager of Van Nicholas, “because it is light enough for them to control easily, but tough enough to handle the rough treatment it will inevitably receive!”

The frame, handlebar and stem are constructed from the same Aerospace Grade 3AL/2.5V Titanium used for our adult bikes, with a full carbon fork and wheels continuing the lightweight but tough theme. Small diameter rubber grips with large bar ends ensure small hands can get to grips with riding without you worrying about them slipping off the handlebars. A padded seat provides comfort and is height adjustable to keep up with their growth spurts!

We’ve also included an integrated foot platform for when their confidence grows and they need somewhere to put their feet up while freewheeling (and making you nervous).

“The other beauty of Titanium is its longevity,” says Ralph. “A Ventus Jr. could be around for a very long time and teach many generations of children how to balance on a bike, and hopefully fall in love with cycling.”

The Ventus Jr. is the perfect tool for your children’s first forays into cycling. And their children’s… And their children’s children…


Selle Italia press release:

SELLE ITALIA: a limited edition of Novus Boost Evo in Nubuck leather


A model with a sophisticated look that combines technology with elegance: the Novus Boost Evo Nubuck saddle by Selle Italia, made of nubuck leather, is available in a limited edition exclusively on the website www.selleitalia.com.

Technology meets elegance in the new Novus Boost Evo Nubuck, made of nubuck leather and launched by Selle Italia.

The Novus Boost Evo model is part of the Performance family produced by the company based in the Italian town of Asolo. Thanks to its “waved” shape, it is particularly suited to cyclists with a significant posterior pelvic tilt who are looking for a more stable pedalling position. The saddle combines high performance with an increased focus on comfort and is available in the L3 large size to provide greater support to the lower pelvis and hip bones.

Given the success of the model among cycling enthusiasts, Selle Italia has reinterpreted it with a nubuck leather cover, available only in the version with carbon rails. The saddle, therefore, combines the cutting-edge technology of the Novus models with an elegant leather cover in Brown Nubuck that, once installed on your bike, will definitely not go unnoticed.

Novus Boost Evo Nubuck is available in a limited edition and can be purchased exclusively on the website www.selleitalia.com for €299.90.

REEB Cycles press release:

Images taken at Oskar Blues in Lyons for presentation of the REEB SST limited edition color / build.

REEB Cycles’ Announces Limited Release Cane Creek Helm MKII Sunburst “Halo Build” SST

REEB Cycles Collaborates with North American Industry Heavyweights to Deliver a Single Size Run (Four Bikes) of Lustful Dreambuild

Lyons, Colo. (January 31st, 2023) – REEB Cycles is stoked to announce availability of a full-custom limited edition variant of their SST trail bike. Adorned with the finest components from industry partners across the North American continent, a total of four Deep Purple SSTs (S,M,L,XL) are ready to rock right now in the REEB webstore.

Each Deep Purple build features components hand selected for quality, beauty, and to match the unique character of the SST. A SRAM XX1 AXS drivetrain (in gold of course) is paired with Cane Creek eeWings and a 32T Wolf Tooth chainring, all turning Level 3 Custom I9 Trail 280c wheels and Vittoria Mazza 2.4 tires. The visually stunning machine work on the black anodized rockers and stealthy yet powerful TRP Trail Evo brakes collide with the Helm MKII Sunburst fork, Gold I9 A35 stem, Wolf Tooth gold anodized seatpost collar (w/Ti hardware). A brushed stainless headbadge and silver/clear decal kit round out the metallic hues and reflect the finish of the brushed titanium eeWings crankset. Finishing the look is the drippiest, lushest, reality distorting Deep Purple colorway with just a *hint of metallic and a magical almost-chameleon-but-maybe-not-WTF-is-happening effect. Guaranteed to make you stop and stare.

“We’re blown away by how many of our customers are using the SST frame as a canvas for their dream builds. Drawing inspiration from that vibe we put together a single size run of Deep Purple SSTs to showcase our custom finish capabilities and highlight the amazing components available from some of our North American industry partners.” says Ziegler. “The project started when Cane Creek dropped the limited edition Sunburst Helm MKII… we saw those and knew we wanted to do something wild. We’ve been insanely busy shipping customer bikes so it took us a while to have bandwidth to complete these, but looking at them now it was absolutely worth the wait. The Deep Purple builds feature all the best parts available from our friends at Cane Creek, I9, and Wolf Tooth and the REEB Crew knocked the paint and finish work out of the park.”

Visit the REEB website for additional details, images and full build specs. All four REEB Deep Purple SST’s MSRP for $11,895.00, and are in stock and ready to ship.


Dometic press release video:

Dometic make a wide variety of equipment designed for adventure that includes everything from drinkware, to mobile fridges and cool boxes to inflatable roof tents and even a portable water tap. This year they are really keen to have a presence in the world of Mountain Biking as many of their products are ideal for outdoor sports.


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  • NBD: Mondraker Raze Alloy, Bold Unplugged, Starling Murmur Stainless…
  • kayak23
    Full Member

    Liking that Transition.
    It might be a good alternative to a Rise, but better, with the removable battery. 👍

    The Reeb is gorgeous. The price reflects this I feel 😳
    The colour is lovely.

    Full Member

    That saddle is the exact colour I want for my pub bike


    Liking that Transition.
    It might be a good alternative to a Rise, but better, with the removable battery. 👍

    Price wise, you could have the Rise and an Occam for about the same

    Full Member

    Yeah, that’s the trouble with Transition I suppose. 😐

    Full Member

    Liking that Transition.
    It might be a good alternative to a Rise, but better, with the removable battery. 👍

    Irritating when they call it lightweight, then on the spec sheet list the weight as ‘tbd’

    EDIT: can that, it’s mentioned in text: from 19.27kg, presumably the XS 27.5 XX1, bit better than I’d have thought though wheel size/tyres/frame  size will add a kilo or more in larger sizes

    TBH, looks like both variants are going to be a bit more hard hitting than the Rise.

    Full Member

    Why would you want an ebike you can ride without the battery and just pedal the extra weight and drag around? I don’t get it. It sounds like the worst of both worlds

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