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How Long To Rebuild A Bike? – Back From The Dead

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This month for Back From The Dead we’ve got plenty to get through! An update on how Jack’s progressing with his apprenticeship; a couple of tools I’ve made (and one Jack’s made!); a few new cool tools in my box that I like and dislike ; then finally a tale about playing a Cycling Community Chest card and ending up winning second place in a beautiful hammer contest! We’ll start off with young Jack and a bit of an update on his apprenticeship.  Since I last spoke about Jack he’s had his first few meetings with Adam his assessor from Activate Learning...

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  • How Long To Rebuild A Bike? – Back From The Dead
  • bearGrease
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    Always read Dieter’s articles. Always good.

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    My Plier Wrench order got cancelled. 😭

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    @doomanic aw man that sucks, I was calling them every couple of days for updates, took about three months but they finally arrived!

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