What We’re Looking Forward To In 2023

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Let us raise our spirits, look on the bright side, and feel the warm rays of positivity. 2023 is gonna be great, OK? There are going to be highlights, and peaks, and apogees of achievement. Big good and small good stuff. All the good stuff. To get you a sunshiny state of mind, here’s what the Singletrack Staff are looking forward to this year. Hannah: Having a partner to ride with This sort of thing is a lot more fun with company. If all goes according to plan with visas, I will be getting married this year. Which will mean......

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  • What We’re Looking Forward To In 2023
  • amandawishart
    Full Member

    Benji, the first item on your list is also on my list. School trip to Wales?

    Full Member

    For 2023, I want to do more ‘two-sandwich’ days out.

    I have similar thoughts as well.

    My looking forward:
    – Ride some classic Scottish rides I have not done in far too long, or indeed ever.
    – Crack on with at least 12 new mountains wandered up, including Ben Hope.
    – a few nice days around Orkney on hols.
    – Do the Moray Way triangle.
    – Paddle the Spey again with pals.
    – Eat less.

    Full Member

    @matt_outandabout I think you might need to eat more if you do all that!

    Full Member

    I like setting lists for a bit of motivation, here goes.

    – Do my first Enduro. I’ve just entered the first Newnham rd of the SW Enduro series and I am excited and s##tting myself in equal measure.
    – Go away for more than one MTB weekend with the gang.
    – Encourage my other half to reach her fitness goals (and maybe make more use of the tandem).
    – Finish the garage gym and show my teenage son the joys of kettle bells.
    – Do my first muscle up (this one’s a long way off but I’ve been told I’m too old so it will happen).
    – Ride the West Kernow way.

    Full Member

    Do my first muscle up (this one’s a long way off but I’ve been told I’m too old so it will happen).

    Been on my list for a while…

    Every time I get close I either pull something of get a flare up of tendinitis.

    Been building up chin ups consistently this year (after starting again from zero with elbow tendinitis).

    Full Member

    Footflaps, how many pull ups were you at before you felt you were ready? It seems an awfully big step up at the moment.

    Full Member

    Looking forwards to… Actually riding. 2022 was the sparsest year I can remember since I started riding again 10/11 years ago. Don’t know why, just motivation and everything seemed at an all-time low.

    Kicking off the year booking places on the BHF London-Brighton off road ride in September with a buddy tonight, which should give us some much needed motivation.

    We’ve both got a job on shifting some spare ballast and getting our climbing legs back if we’re going to manage that one, so plenty of riding to happen in between now and then!

    Full Member

    Footflaps, how many pull ups were you at before you felt you were ready? It seems an awfully big step up at the moment.

    Never got there yet!

    They seem to reckon 10 in strict form.

    I’m doing 3 sets of 8 twice a week at the moment, with variable form….

    Full Member

    2023, a year of reactivation after crash recovery and depression.

    Bikepacking – equinoctical, Solstice and other days microadventures plus Ikneald Way/Peddars way to the Norfolk Coast (easy terrain for my first really long ride)
    Proper weekly night rides. Without the pub.

    Daily turbo training as well as 5 mile each way commuting

    Dunwich Dynamo

    London/Brighton off road

    Plus (hopefully) an ebike as the crash compensation should be arriving any time soon™ after 2 1/2 years.

    Really shouldn’t have waited till my mod 50s to do this. It’s going to hurt a lot for the next few months at least.

    Full Member

    my nightmare neighbours leaving 11th march when their tenancy isn’t renewed. 6 months of hell over finally.

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