Fresh Goods Friday 635: Veg & Two Fruits Edition

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This is the yintro… it’s a bit like the yangtro but totally the polar opposite. What does FGF have in store for us all this week? Well, if you’d care to just keep on scrolling you’ll find out for yourself.

We appreciate that at this point in January there is a whole wave of CBA blanketing the world but please keep on keeping on.

It’s coming

LifeLine Saw Guide

For a clean, even cut of your handlebars, steerer tubes or… rigid seatposts? There are many saw guides in excess of £50, but unless you have a 9-5 job cutting tubes down, it’s very unlikely you need to spend that much for something that is no doubt just as durable as this LifeLine one!

Shimano CN-HG901-11 XTR 11sp Chain

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Although Amanda may say “There’s not really much to say about a chain, is there?”, we’d like to point out the fact that it is still the case that one of the most cost-effective places to save weight on a bicycle is the drivetrain consumables. Light chains (and cassettes) are significantly lighter than not-light chains (and cassettes). This XTR 11-speed chain is destined for Amanda’s gravel ‘capable road’ bike.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy 2022

Amanda: “I have slept rough one too many times now, so I’ve gone for a more luxurious and lightweight sleeping arrangement for this years’ adventures. Lightweight is important to me, as I’m going up many mountains. Luxurious is code-word for mosquito proof, as these mountains are in warmer climates, and I tend to have frightening overreactions to insect bites. The hoop is also a luxury in my mind, as it means I am closer to the ‘small tent’ end of the chart – the lower end being a large carrier bag.”

Chrome Industries Doubletrack Handlebar Sling

Chrome bags often get the ‘how much?’ response, but this is actually a really great price for what is effectively two different styles of pack. You can attach it to your bars or wear it across body. The bag is rigid at the base and can be used to carry a camera without the risk of impacts smashing it up. There are easy access mesh side pockets, and it is available in 7 colourways. This is possibly the worst one – go check out the more subtle colours here.

Chrome Industries Doubletrack Feed Bag

Easy access handlebar bag and hip pouch with a cinch top for one-handed access whilst riding. It offers padded protection and mounts on the stem and handlebars or can be attached to a belt… if you’re marshalling maybe?

Michelin BIB Mousse Motorcycle Tyre Inserts

Charlie: “Great products solve problems, part 1. No one likes a puncture, and this is especially true with offroad motorbikes where changing a tyre requires a lot more effort. Also the AA probably wont show up on a rocky trail miles from tarmac. And this is were tyre inserts, known as BIB mousses, come in. They are named after Michelin’s cheery chubby mascot “Bibendum” (everyday is a school day).

“They are a butyl (same stuff innertubes are made from) honeycomb foam and the bubbles in the foam are filled with nitrogen. They are the equivalent of 13psi, which is about right for off road use. I am told to expect a more dead rebound feel on big hits as there is no air rushing back to compressed area.

“Michelin tell me they can only be used with their tyres. The reason for this is that a less than perfect fit creates friction and that causes them to degrade. A lube is used between tyre and insert to reduce friction.

“I can see these becoming a thing in the cycling world. I feel cyclists in general are getting less mechanically confident with shops looking after all their mechanical needs. Plus when your ebike has a motor, a few extra grams of weight is a small price to pay for peace of mind and never ever never having to deal with a puncture.”

Stance Wholester Boxer Shorts

  • Price: Were £31.99, now from £14.99
  • From: Wiggle

Charlie says… Great products solve problems, part 2. Do your balls hang low? Can you swing them to and fro? Almost no one likes getting their balls banged around, so let’s wrangle those daddy batteries back in line. These boxers have a neat “wholester” feature, which is basically a hammock for your meat n veg. This makes them great for activities such as speed walking or disco dancing. Available in lots of colour options and with a rather good discount right now. It is time for me to refresh the pants drawer and retire the tired veterans to the workshop for rag duties.

La Sportiva Tarantula & Tarantulace Climbing Shoes

In an effort to distract her son from an obsession with boxing (maximum boring mum points for being concerned about brain injury, many conversations with son saying ‘but you do mountain biking and that’s dangerous’, and so on…) Hannah has been taking her kids to indoor bouldering. It turns out it’s a great family activity that everyone can do, no one gets left behind, and it’s easy to carry a big bag of snacks into the place to prevent hangry outbursts. And, it’s pleasantly undemanding on the kit front. Chalk, shoes, and tape for blistered fingers. That’s it! Having your own shoes is definitely a nice bonus, so she’s been shopping.

Stone King Rally book

A tome about the Stone King Rally. The what? “Santa Cruz Stone King Rally is an annual, six-day, point-to-point enduro race across the southwestern Alps to the Mediterranean Coast. Centred around the same blend of wilderness adventure and gravity racing excitement that its predecessor Trans-Provence brought about, but set to a fully original awe-inspiring itinerary, Stone King Rally is a genre-defining event.” That.

Hope F22 flat pedals

We’ve had these in since before Christmas but they were Top Secret Hush Hush and we can only reveal them unto you, the Great Unwashed, this week. If you want to know more about them, read our Hope F22 review.

Singletrackworld registration

It has come to our attention that not everyone who visits is a registered user. Why register? Well, principally so you can fully join in the fun of the Forum AKA the best mountain bike community area in the whole world ever. What are you waiting for? It’s fun! It’s informative! It’s free! It’s a great place to be (especially when you should be doing some work or paying attention at a family occasion).

Thread Of The Week

A heartfelt congratulations to this week’s prestigious winner of TOTW – tpbiker! (isn’t this the sort of thing that happened at the start of ‘28 Days Later‘..?)

The winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. And it’s the fabulous majestic Singletrack x Granite Designs RockBand Strap! So ahoy-hoy! to tpbiker. Please email Please include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery logistics init.

This woman is basically how we all feel about The Modern World, yes?
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  • Fresh Goods Friday 635: Veg & Two Fruits Edition
  • honourablegeorge
    Full Member

    Pro tip for that lifeline guide, I bought mine for cutting a carbon steerer, but it’s too narrow for the Park carbon saw blade, but you can just take out the two bolts at the back, pop two washers in, and reassemble, and you have a wider gap which is perfect.

    Full Member

    The guy playing the hammered dulcimer in that Orkestra Obsolete cover is my GP. I was quite surprised when first saw it.

    not long after, my wife saw him at a cramps tribute gig, seemed pretty enthusiastic, then jumed on stage to play guitar.

    talented chap. not a bad GP either.

    Full Member

    The helium bivvy is a good one, had a good few bug free nights in mine. Pretty breathable top material as well too, and the hoop gives enough space to read a book/kindle if it’s chucking it down.

    Free Member

    The apple n orange is a humble brag, not sure about the parsnip though.😀

    Full Member

    I’m always impressed how that little magnet on my double track can hold so much pressure when I overload it

    Full Member

    That Lifeline steerer guide look identical to the one I bought from Superstar about 10 – 15 years ago. Still works. I have a feeling I took out a spacer in the middle to make the gap narrower but I might have imagined doing that as I haven’t cut a steerer in about 7 or 8 years.

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