NBD: Giant Reign, Scott 15.4kg ebike, Commençal TEMPO, Pinnacle Arkose X and…

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… Swytch V2 e-bike conversion kit, Ritchey Swiss Cross 50th, BikeYoke saddles and stem, Rox returns and PMBA race entries.

This week’s New Bike Day news roundup gets underway with the unveiling of the new Giant Reign enduro bike…

Giant press release:


Developed with Giant pro racers, the new range has reengineered suspension, adjustable geometry, and the option to run a 29-inch or 27.5 rear wheel for added versatility

EWS racer Youn Deniaud has been racing a prototype version of the new Reign Advanced Pro, the flagship model that’s built on a full-composite frameset. Also available are the Reign series, which features an ALUXX SL aluminum frameset, and the Reign SX, which pairs an ALUXX SL frameset with longer-travel suspension and a build kit that’s geared toward rougher descents and bike park riding.

All Reign Advanced Pro and Reign allow riders to choose 29-inch wheels front and rear, which is the stock setup, or swap out the rear for a 27.5-inch wheel. The gravity-focused Reign SX has a full-time “mullet” setup, with a smaller 27.5 rear and larger 29-inch front wheel. All models offer greater adjustability compared to previous generations, with three flip chip settings so riders can quickly and easily change frame geometry.


It starts with a new Maestro rear suspension system, which now has 160mm of travel, an additional 14mm over the previous generation. The trunnion mount shock has a longer stroke (62.5mm compared to 60mm), which gives it a smooth, active feel on a variety of terrain. The Advanced Forged Composite upper rocker arm adds stiffness to the system, which improves the bike’s handling while cornering, accelerating and bombing down chunky terrain. Up front, both the Reign Advanced Pro and Reign now come with a 170mm fork to help gobble up trail impacts and improve control.

The Reign SX, which also features Maestro suspension, is aimed at descending the most aggressive trails and terrain, with a plush setup that includes 165mm of rear travel and a 190mm dual crown suspension fork up front.

The new frame is designed with a lower standover height. Combined with a longer reach, this makes it easier to maneuver the bike. From low-speed cornering on tight, technical trails to high-flying jumps at the bike park, the new geometry makes it easier to change lines, hop over obstacles and tame the most challenging terrain.

Beyond that, a new three-position flip chip lets riders adjust the geometry to suit their riding style and trail conditions. It offers bottom bracket drop adjustments in 5mm increments (35, 30 or 25mm) and also lets you change the head tube angle (63.5. 63.9 or 64.2 degrees) and seat tube angle (78.3, 78.7 or 70 degrees).

Beyond the geometry adjustments, the new frames have purpose-built features including integrated protection on the underside of the down tube. This shields the frame against rocks and other debris, and also produces a quieter ride. Also new for this generation, both the composite and aluminum frame options now have integrated storage in the down tube. All models and sizes can also fit a water bottle and have new, updated cable ports for cleaner looks and performance.


Scott have hopped aboard the TQ train and here’s their first mid-power e-bike offering…

Scott press release:

The All-NEW Scott Lumen

An E-MTB weighing just 15.5kg. Yup, you read that right. The SCOTT Lumen takes the world’s fastest XC/Trail frame platform and adds completely silent and powerful electric assistance all while maintaining SCOTT’s legendary lightweight DNA.

From the beginning, the objective was to create the lightest possible E-Bike and, after much investigation, it was clear that the TQ HPR50 was the ultimate solution for the SCOTT eRIDE R&D Team to achieve their goals.

TQ is a German company founded in 1994 who specialize in electric components across a range of industries including aerospace, medical and infrastructure. With the HPR50, they simply rewrote the rules, delivering an unprecedented weight/power ratio of 1.8kg for 50Nm. With a diameter of 8cm, TQ has innovated by using a harmonic gear system. This allows for a reduction of size, while also increasing the accuracy of the system. This results in a lighter bike, better integration, while reducing backlash for a more natural pedalling sensation. This technology also allows for the reduction in system noise for a truly natural experience. After all, you are in the outdoors to, well, enjoy the outdoors.

The Lumen features a 360Wh internal battery which can be further complemented by a 160Wh external range extender. Easily fixed to the front water bottle mount with our unique SCOTT designed quick release mount, the range extender features a slim design and low weight, meaning minimal impact on the bike’s handling.

Thanks to TQ’s electronic expertise, the HPR50 battery, when combined with the range extender, guarantees maximum performance right through until empty. TQ use specific battery cells to ensure both the battery and range extender continue at full output, even as it reaches low capacity. The system can be charged with the range extender in place, the smart charger, prioritising the bike battery’s charge first, so you’ll never be caught short when heading out to ride. The charge time is fast too, the main battery can reach 80% in two hours of charging.

With 130mm of travel, it made perfect sense to utilize our tried and tested platform, the Spark 900. This design is the result of years of engineering experience and feedback from the most successful elite-level riders in the world. To fulfil the requirements of an electric system, adaptations were of course required, starting with the thickness of the carbon layup, the kinematics, the shock placement and the geometry. Even though the Lumen eRIDE and the Spark are analogous, the design of the Lumen has been optimized to fit the motor and the battery. The result is a motor and a battery integrated into a full suspension frame with an increase in volume of only 17% over the Spark. Looking at it, you can’t tell it’s an electric mountain bike.


A typically so-low-key-we-nearly-ignored-it launch of a new Commençal. The TEMPO is a 125mm rear-travel 29er with a 140mm fork up front…

Commençal press release:

T.E.M.P.O. – A Real Playful Powerhouse

The all-new “Virtual Contact System” kinematic is synonymous with a new era at COMMENCAL!

The T.E.M.P.O is our brand new short travel trail bike: a real playful powerhouse. It is designed to make the most of all those dream trails, where the terrain is just calling out for you to enjoy.

With the T.E.M.P.O. we are rediscovering the joys of pedalling. Whatever the trail or the conditions, we always give a little more. And when it’s downhill time, we know we can count on it to be there, even through the most difficult sections. The terrain is our playground, each compression becomes an incentive to go a little faster or jump a little higher. Pure riding, on the edge, we’ve reached the perfect T.E.M.P.O.

  • Full 29-inch.
  • 125mm rear travel and 140mm front travel.
  • New “Virtual Contact System” kinematics using a virtual pivot point to combine liveliness and comfort.
  • Geometry designed for pedalling performance without sacrificing downhill performance.
  • 100% aluminium, of course!

€3,250 to €6,200


No sooner had we published our ‘Buyers guide to gravel commuter bikes‘ and Pinnacle launch a brand new model in the Arkose range, the Pinnacle Arkose X…

Pinnacle press release:

Pinnacle Arkose X

The Pinnacle Arkose is the benchmark for versatility. It’s been conquering mountain passes long before you were told you needed a “Gravel” bike just to go off tarmac. A real drop-bar legend on the dirt. With clearance for 700x47c or 650Bx50 tyres, triple bottle cage mounts, internal cable routing compatible with electronic groupsets and dynamo lights, full coverage mudguard and pannier rack mounts, The Pinnacle Arkose could be the perfect companion for cycling off into the sunset. Or just to the shops. As we said, this is one versatile bike. For 2023 we’ve simplified the line-up, updated the geometry and made it unisex to make it easier for you to find the right Arkose for you.

The Pinnacle Arkose X takes what makes the Arkose great and turns it up to 11. Featuring WTB’s fantastic Proterra Light 650B wheelset and Venture 650Bx47 tyres alongside Shimano’s genre-defining RX-810 electronic groupset. The Arkose X’s iconic flared bars are back as is the ever comfortable WTB Volt saddle. The 2023 Pinnacle Arkose X Di2 might just be the best Arkose yet.

Lightweight and durable 6061 heat treated aluminium frame.

Lightweight and comfortable full carbon fork with dynamo routing and mudguard mounts for maximum versatility. Flat mount disc brakes and 12mm thru-axles for futureproof piece of mind.

Shimano’s GRX RX810 Di2 groupset is purpose built for adventure. Ergonomic levers allow for more confidence on the hoods when the roads get rough and specially designed brake levers means ultimate control from the same position.

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes that are easy to control from a variety of positions on the handlebar ST-RX815 Di2 integrated levers offer ultimate grip, comfort and control for mixed terrain riding.

Versatile and fast rolling 47mm wide WTB Venture tyres offer confidence inspiring performance.

WTB Proterra Light wheels are lightweight, durable and easy to live with. 23mm wide 650B rims, bladed spokes, EZO bearings and ultra fast engagement hubs make for a dream wheelset.


We reviewed the first version of the Swytch E-Bike Conversion Kit back in March 2021. Here’s the new version…

Swytch press release:

Swytch Electric Bike Conversion Kit Sees Record Demand Amidst Cost of Living Crisis

Following the launch of Swytch’s new electric bike conversion kit, that turns any bike into an eBike, and features a world-first pocket sized eBike battery, the company has been inundated with over 27,000 orders, and predicts that 1 in 10 new eBikes on the road in the UK next year will be Swytch bikes.

The Swytch Kit is now available to pre-order on Swytch’s website. Due to significant demand, the option to receive your kit from one of the first two batches of production (for delivery in September/October or November/December) has now sold out. However, you can pre-order a kit from a later production run, with prices starting from £549 (with 50% discount applied, delivery in January/February) or from as little as £449 (with a 60% discount applied, delivery in March/April).

The Swytch conversion kit features a world-first pocket-sized battery (the “Power Pack”) which is similar in size to a large smartphone, weighs just 700g, recharges in just one hour from your mains power socket, and provides 10 miles range. Increasing the range is as easy as clicking off one battery, and connecting another, or upgrading to the larger battery option available with 20 miles range, and weighing 1.1kg.

The system provides 250W of pedal-assist power via a high torque front motor wheel, allowing users to quickly accelerate to 15mph and easily climb gradients of 30% without breaking a sweat.


The 50th Anniversary Swiss Cross is one of four special framesets celebrating Ritchey’s 50th anniversary. Two more special frames will be released in the coming months…

Ritchey press release:


Ritchey’s 50th Anniversary celebration continues with the release of a special, limited-edition version of its legendary Swiss Cross frameset.

As a mere teenager, Tom Ritchey welded up his first bicycle frame in his parents’ garage in Palo Alto, California more than 50 years ago. And he designed and built the first Swiss Cross cyclocross bike in the mid-1990s so that the bike’s namesake, Swiss cycling legend Thomas Frischknecht, had the best bike possible for his victorious cyclocross pursuits around the world.

The new 50th Anniversary Swiss Cross draws a direct line from that first bicycle frame Tom welded, to the bike Frischi piloted to so many championships, to a modern ‘cross and gravel racer.

This limited-edition frameset is wrapped in the iconic Ritchey Red paint and adorned with Ritchey logos that reference the company’s history and the influence Palo Alto, California has had on Tom.

While the 50th Anniversary Swiss Cross enjoys an endearing nostalgic aesthetic, it’s still an aggressive whip beneath the fancy red paint and throwback decals. Just like its older siblings, this special Swiss Cross is well-suited to bridge the gap between a race-ready cyclocross rig and a fast gravel steed.

Technical details for the 50th Anniversary Swiss Cross include clearance for tires up to 40mm, flat-mount disc brake compatibility, thru-axles, a full carbon fiber fork, and geometry for riders yearning for a slightly aggressive fit.


The techno look of the original BikeYoke SAGMA saddle was often the center of discussion, so BikeYoke have made a more regular looking saddle with traditional rails…

BikeYoke press release:

BikeYoke SAGMA Lite and SAGMA Lite Carbon

Both saddles feature the same shape and foam technology as the original SAGMA but with traditional rails (Carbon or CrMo). Sagma Lite Carbon weighs in at only 169g, which should make it one of the most lightweight comfort saddles with proper damping foam technology out there.

Additionally, there is also a new Carbon rail option for the original SAGMA (which has aluminium rails): SAGMA Carbon.

The total lineup now consists of four models:

Suspension rail saddles:
SAGMA Carbon

Traditional rail design:
SAGM Lite Carbon

A small addition to an existing product:

Our popular BikeYoke Barkeeper stem now comes in a unique RAFF (Raw Forged Finish) and we have now reducer sleeves from 35mm to 31.8mm handlebars on hand, which were specifically designed to blend into the Barkeeper design.


For those of a certain age…

Rox press release:

Rox at Bike Ninja

ROX was the clothing choice of an MTB generation through the 90’s with teens patiently waiting for the next MBUK to see what the ROX advert was (or if you were very lucky a catalogue!) and then fill out the mail order form and sending it to a PO Box address. We all had our favourites and there were such good design choices that everyone could be different. I had two most cherished t-shirts but always wanted to get more. Mine were Rage With Your Machine and Max Air but I always remember going to races and seeing the selection of beanies, wallets and even record bags that other racers proudly showed off.

ROX has been a brand I’ve wanted to revisit soon after starting Bike Ninja but its been a tricky one to track down with all sorts of flags and warnings at every stage. Well, turns out all I needed to do was a little bit of extra detective work and get lucky messaging the owner (David) who I think its fair to say was a little surprised. After a quick chat about what we did here at Bike Ninja and our love for the brand David was keen to talk. So from there and the revelation that he still had all the original artwork!!! a plan was put into action, especially when David said it was the 30th year as the first ROX advert went into MBUK in Nov 1992, seems like it was all too good to be true!

Its been a real nostalgic trip looking back through all the old artwork, partly due to this requiring dusting off an old Mac that hasn’t been turned on for about 10 years that I had gathering dust in the roof storage and using software that I’d forgotten even existed. You almost feel like you are looking at lost treasure when next to a file name it says “last modified 29 years ago”.

With so many designs in the ROX catalogue we have decided not to overwhelm you but we hope it brings back some lovely memories and makes you smile as much as us.


Get yr enduro on people!

PMBA press release:

The Hope PMBA Enduro series is back for 2023 and is bigger than ever!

It features a new-to-us venue, and the calendar contains the most inclusive set of events we have ever planned.

Today, as well as announcing the 5 round Hope PMBA Enduro 2023 series, we can also launch Hope Women Enduro Series (age 13+), a Hope Academy Enduro series for 8-14 boys, and 8-13 girls and a Hope Academy U10’s series all with 3 rounds. This really is “Enduro for all”.

There is now also a 3 round E-Bike series contained within the 2023 event calendar. From the very grassroots of the sport to a national enduro round, there is something for every current and future enduroist this year.

This year every single round has parking/camping included in the ticket price, please remember this when booking, its extra value you cannot ignore.

Entries open 9am Saturday 3rd December (except Graythwaite)

Gisburn Forest
29th April Hope Academy Enduro, Hope Womens Enduro
30th April Gisburn Grassroots Enduro

Graythwaite and Grizedale
27/28th May Graythwaite & Grizedale Epic, and E-Epic for E-Bikes

Ae Endurofest (Ae Forest)
24th June Hope Academy Enduro, Hope Womens Enduro
24/25th June Ae Endurofest including E-Bikes also BNES R3

One Giant Leap Llangollen
12/13th August Llangollen including E-Bikes

Kirroughtree Forest (Final)
2nd September Hope Academy Enduro, Hope Womens Enduro
3rd September Hope PMBA Enduro final


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  • NBD: Giant Reign, Scott 15.4kg ebike, Commençal TEMPO, Pinnacle Arkose X and…
  • P20
    Full Member

    Swiss Cross are always 😎

    I liked the look of the Commencal, but there’s no need for cables through the headset 😒

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    That Reign SX, tho.

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    I so need a Rox T-Shirt!

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    That Commencal looks amazing. I’m almost able to overlook the cable routing, and the pressfit BB is somehow just a minor niggle rather than a deal breaker.
    Thankfully no Shimano/Ohlins option, so my (lack of) cash is safe.

    Any idea of frame weight? Commencal aren’t exactly known for super light bikes, and this looks to have a few chunky-ish forgings on top of the two linkages and 4 axles/8 bearings.

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    Blimey, I still have a Rox “Fear of a Flat Planet” t -shirt bought at a DH race when they used to hold them in Bingley. Surely not 30 years……

    Full Member

    The Rox stuff takes me right, right back instantly!

    I feel like I need to pair it with an Animal surf watch on a stripy velcro band.

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    Three new bikes with headset routing. FFS

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    So disappointed that the Rox t shirts don’t have the gearhead or weirdo designs. I “remanufactured” a gearhead one a few years ago, but would love a new one. Saying that, fear a flat planet might get a look in.

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    Never had a Rox shirt but always wanted one – Dr Moose was the other one (not bike related, but similar) of the era, wonder where they are now!

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    Dear Santa, please bring me a Swiss Cross bike and a Rox Bang t-shirt 🙂

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    Just need a Bula hat to go with the Rox t-shirt.

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    Just checked and I still have a Rox Bang tee in my top draw, it may be the wrong size now though. 😅

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    From Scott:

    Looking at it, you can’t tell it’s an electric mountain bike.


    No, no, no!  It’s the other way around.  Looking at the ‘normal’ Spark, you can’t tell it’s not an electric mountain bike!

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