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  • NBD: Giant Reign, Scott 15.4kg ebike, Commençal TEMPO, Pinnacle Arkose X and…
  • Ben_Haworth
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    … Swytch V2 e-bike conversion kit, Ritchey Swiss Cross 50th, BikeYoke saddles and stem, Rox returns and PMBA race entries.

    By ben_haworth

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    NBD: Giant Reign, Scott 15.4kg ebike, Commençal TEMPO, Pinnacle Arkose X and…

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    Swiss Cross are always 😎

    I liked the look of the Commencal, but there’s no need for cables through the headset 😒

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    That Reign SX, tho.

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    I so need a Rox T-Shirt!

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    That Commencal looks amazing. I’m almost able to overlook the cable routing, and the pressfit BB is somehow just a minor niggle rather than a deal breaker.
    Thankfully no Shimano/Ohlins option, so my (lack of) cash is safe.

    Any idea of frame weight? Commencal aren’t exactly known for super light bikes, and this looks to have a few chunky-ish forgings on top of the two linkages and 4 axles/8 bearings.

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    Blimey, I still have a Rox “Fear of a Flat Planet” t -shirt bought at a DH race when they used to hold them in Bingley. Surely not 30 years……

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    The Rox stuff takes me right, right back instantly!

    I feel like I need to pair it with an Animal surf watch on a stripy velcro band.

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    Three new bikes with headset routing. FFS

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    So disappointed that the Rox t shirts don’t have the gearhead or weirdo designs. I “remanufactured” a gearhead one a few years ago, but would love a new one. Saying that, fear a flat planet might get a look in.

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    Never had a Rox shirt but always wanted one – Dr Moose was the other one (not bike related, but similar) of the era, wonder where they are now!

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    Dear Santa, please bring me a Swiss Cross bike and a Rox Bang t-shirt 🙂

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    Just need a Bula hat to go with the Rox t-shirt.

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    Just checked and I still have a Rox Bang tee in my top draw, it may be the wrong size now though. 😅

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    From Scott:

    Looking at it, you can’t tell it’s an electric mountain bike.


    No, no, no!  It’s the other way around.  Looking at the ‘normal’ Spark, you can’t tell it’s not an electric mountain bike!

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