Megasack Giveaway Day 7: 100% S3 Glasses

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Whoop! Here we are again with another of our prize giveaways!

For those that don’t know, let’s catch you up: we have daily weekday prizes to be won, plus another of each prize which goes into our Megasack. Each day that you enter, you might win the daily prize. Whoop! But each daily entry also counts as an entry to win the Megasack. Enter every day to maximise your chances of winning the Megasack. Miss out on a daily entry because you don’t think that prize is one you want? You’re losing out on an extra chance to win the Megasack.

To enter, you need to be logged in – it’s free to sign up. Once logged in, the entry box will reveal itself with a question. Answer it correctly to submit your entry. Easy peasy! Please note that we can only deliver prizes to a UK postal address. Now that you’re caught up on what’s going on, let’s find out about the first great prize we have for you.

100% S3 Glasses

These glasses come with an interchangeable tinted HiPER mirror lens and a colourless lens, so you can switch between summer and winter or night riding at the pop of a lens. Both lenses are hydrophobic and oleophobic, as well as highly impact resistant. Two nosepieces offer a range of comfort fittings, and it’s all packaged up in a neat case, with room for extra lenses should you want to add others from the extensive 100% range. There’s a whole array of colourful lenses and frame choices to be had, but you could be winning this very funky holographic effect frame. The frame has vents at the bottom to prevent fogging, and is shaped to give a broad range of vision.

Want to win it? Watch the video…

Make sure you’re logged in so you can see and answer the question below.

Thursday’s Winner

The winner of Day 6 (Maxxis Tyres) is user lloouu

We’ll be in touch to get your prize sent to you but if you want to steal a march on that and help us out then email with your address, and mobile number (for the courier) now.

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  • Megasack Giveaway Day 7: 100% S3 Glasses
  • weeksy
    Full Member

    Awwww another one for me not to enter 🙁

    Free Member

    360 degree visibility? Owl mode!

    Full Member

    Awwww another one for me not to enter


    Full Member

    He’s sponsored, but he doesn’t like to talk about it… 😉

    Full Member

    Why not enter? If you win then someone is going to be rather lucky as they’ll get a free gift from you…

    Full Member


    I don’t enter if i wouldn’t want the prize. There’s been a few this year i’ve not entered.

    Full Member

    Stop encouraging people to enter, I’ve still yet to win anything from the sack of mega…

    Full Member

    I know times are tough, but get a heater for that studio. You’ll all have frostbite before the competition’s over.

    Full Member

    We have two heavy duty electric fan heaters that work on a homeopathic heat principal. It’s a big space with no roof insulation and creates some kind of weird heat Tardis effect whereby it’s always warmer outside no matter what the weather is doing.

    Full Member

    Sounds like the house I’m staying in just now…well, I don’t have all the goodies surrounding me, but the warmer outside seems to be standard.

    Full Member

    So jealous of yesterday’s winner. I’ll never have the money to experience that level of traction again.

    Full Member

    Note: Hannah’s fringe. Won’t be long and you’ll be able to do Cousin It from the Addams Family impressions.

    nelly b45
    Free Member

    I had my fingers crossed for the maxxiss tyres yesterday but hay ho looks like I had better start saving up, always the chance of the mega sack at the end of the month.
    But how unlucky I’m feeling lately I could fall in a barrel of nipples and still climb out sucking my thumb😊

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