Internet Rummagings – Tom’s Christmas Baubles

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Season’s greetings and welcome to this edition of Internet Rummagings where, rather than doing my Christmas shopping on the internet I once again have been rummaging around in the WWWLBS,…

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  • Internet Rummagings – Tom’s Christmas Baubles
  • integra
    Full Member

    The Mythos stem just looks unfinished, for that price I’d want a better quality finish. Will have to have a look at Dward’s website again as not been on it for a while, can feel the wallet groaning already.

    Full Member

    They’ve chosen to have the mythos stem look like that to make a conversation point of the manufacturing process- “why does it look like that?” “Oh this old thing? It’s 3d printed, only cost me £300”. Same as Hope machining marks but more so.

    Full Member

    I like the KOM hubs and rotors. I’ve always thought existing mtb hubs, axles, bearings etc were weirdly small and fragile considering the abuse they get. Obviously I’m not a problem-solving, mechanical engineer so I’ll have to spend £750 to find out if they’re any good.

    Full Member

    I’ll have to spend £750 to find out if they’re any good.

    Mine have been trouble free. Only slight faff was changing a rotor on the rear, as you have to remove the drive ring, taking care not to lose the hub pawls, but other than that, all good.

    That being said, there’s plenty of hubs that are trouble free and are cheaper, can’t say I ever had issues with axles, I just liked the idea of something different.

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