Christmas MTB Bingo

by 7

How many of these will you get tomorrow?

It’s Christmas time, there’s every need to be afraid. At Christmas time, we let our family into our homes. And in our world of plenty, they will spread smiles through gritted teeth. Put your arms around your relatives, and tell them thank you.

Oh, we love them, but we also know they’re going to buy us things we don’t really want. Maybe that’s our fault for being out on bikes when we could have been chatting in the living room and letting them get to know us. All they know is that we like bikes. And so they will get us fabulous bike gifts. And they will engage us in bike conversations.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘oh heck, I’ve bought one of these gifts for the cyclist in my life’ then fear not. You can still get them an instant digital subscription

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  • Christmas MTB Bingo
  • Woo
    Full Member

    Morrison’s has some rather nice red wine which has a bicycle on the label. No one buys it for me so I have to buy it for myself.
    Merry Christmas to all and may the New Year bring you tail winds and reduced gravity.

    Free Member

    Get a hobby and people immediately buy you presents based on that.
    I wouldn’t mind except they never buy me a new Stratocaster (or even a pack of strings), just a worthless novelty guitar gadget or a crap huge general book on guitars full of pictures, chord shapes and advice on using pitch pipes or a tuning fork to tune.
    YES, I’m looking at YOU Dorling Kindersley Limited. Big, fat and cheap books like the fat slags of publishing.

    Full Member

    You missed badly made, 3 sizes too big cycling wear from the middle of Lidl.

    Full Member

    You think you’ve got it bad, my mate said he liked pigs, once, about 38 years ago. It’s been nonstop pigs ever since.

    Luckily most people I know are also total nerds in their own nerdy subject so know how it’s done. Either observe carefully and pick a suitable target, get something totally unrelated, or just bloody ask.

    Full Member

    I’ll probably avoid most/all of this, unless my brother gets me a novelty mug. Again.
    Everyone else knows to ask, and/or doesn’t think they’re absolutely hilarious.

    I got a Park Tool work stand one year, which was a result.

    Full Member

    Alternatively, they ask what you want, you tell them them a specific model and where to get it, however they view all cycling gear of a particular type as mutually interchangeable, so they get you some random e.g. one size fits all cycling gloves costing as much as the preferred type. Same for workshop tools. Bless them.

    Full Member

    Seem to get a cheap multitool every-chuffin-year! That said they do come in handy. Got a selection of generic ‘cycling’ themed mugs from over the years too.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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