Quick deets on the new Yeti SB160

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Let’s have a look at the new Yeti SB160. It’s been over four years since the SB150 launched so it’s about time for new enduro-a-go-go bike from the Turquoise Team…

Yeti SB160

Yeti SB160 nutshelled

  • 29er enduro race bike
  • 160mm frame travel
  • 170mm fork travel
  • 17% leverage rate
  • 64° head angle
  • 77.5° seat angle
  • 220mm front and 200mm rear rotors
  • Downhill tested and used by the Yeti Fox Factory team
  • New Switch Infinity assembly on T-Series
  • New threaded bottom bracket
  • New higher-clearance downtube
  • New dual-density downtube protection
  • £7,299 for Yeti SB160 C2
  • £8,999 for Yeti SB160 T1

Press Release

This year’s product line is the culmination of two years of work from our product and engineering team. When we launched the SB130 and SB150 over four years ago, we pushed the envelope on geometry, kinematics and ride quality. Those bikes stood the test of time, but we knew we could make them better, and make them faster.

Our goal was to improve an already great platform by updating the kinematics, chasing down every detail to make the bikes faster, smoother, quieter, and easier to service. Each small detail is considered — taken in aggregate they make a massive difference in ride quality. This year’s new bikes are the best bikes we’ve made to date.


Riders of all sizes stay in a powerful pedal position with seat tube angles that increase with frame size. This makes the transition from seated to standing easier, especially for taller riders.


A more neutral position keeps riders weighting both wheels more evenly. This makes the bike more agile and sprightly. New reach numbers also scale with travel of each bike.


Chainstay length increases with frame size, ensuring the rear center of the bike is proportionately correct for riders of all sizes (XS-XXL).


Modern head angles are slack, so we run more front travel than rear travel to balance the bike. This delivers a brilliantly balanced ride.


With the release of the last generation of Yeti Switch Infinity bikes, Yeti focused on fine tuning leverage rates. The results are apparent in our award and race winning bikes.

The new line of Yeti Switch Infinity bikes builds on this already successful set of suspension kinematics with subtle refined leverage rates that are adjusted for the added travel of each new bike. The new bikes maintain our balanced approach to leverage rate resulting in a incredibly predictable ride.


Yeti Cycles has been tuning our shocks in-house to ensure our kinematics pair seamlessly with our shocks. Using data acquisition and our shock dyno we are able to correlate hours of ride testing, splitting hairs over tenths of millimeters, to deliver the most out of our suspension. Each new bike goes through countless hours of ride and lab testing with multiple, ground-up shock tunes before we settle on the final tune.


The refined main frame and swingarm silhouettes are more than just striking good looks — it’s an engineering approach that packages Switch Infinity and shock linkage in a tighter, more efficient package with added impact clearance. Holistic frame chassis stiffness has increased, along with frame ground clearance on all new models.


Over the course of hundreds of virtual simulation comparisons and back-to-back carbon prototype testing, we’ve refined our carbon layups to deliver consistent torsional stiffness and flex profiles across all frame sizes. The feel is precise yet compliant while structurally balancing light weight and durability.


Discover the next-generation of translating pivot suspension designs. Setting new expectations for kinematics, longevity, sensitivity, and strength.

All new T-series builds will be equipped with our new Switch Infinity system with improved seals, bearings and hardware.


Our new pivot designs use 100% standard sized cartridge bearings secured with precision — machined floating collet axles. All bearings are pressed into the linkage assembly vs the swingarm or front triangle.

Our new floating collet pivot design uses standard sized cartridge bearings in precision and machined floating collet axles boosting longevity. The end result is perfect alignment and smooth suspension motion every time.


Our patented, two-piece wishbone shock extender is used on the SB140 and SB160 ensuring optimal clamping, shock compatibility and ease of shock removal for longer travel applications.

An all new ultra-compact, minimalist, 1-piece shock extender.

Both shock extender styles are achieving the same goals: optimizing leverage rates while pushing the shock forward in the frame. This forward positioning allows for a large range of shock compatibility, decreases standover height, reduces shock tab sizes, increases water bottle compatibility, and increases downtube clearance.


Internally routed cable tubes with secure closures at entry and exit points eliminate rattles and cable rub. Whether running a mechanical drivetrain and dropper or a wireless setup, cable management is intuitively easy and quiet.


The new downtube protection system features two layers that work together. The foundation of the system is a rubber under-guard that provides cushion against the frame. The external hard cap provides superior impact resistance. The new system brings edge to edge protection to the downtube and is easily replaceable. The hard cap is also removable to aid in dropper post cable routing.


As the capability of our bikes continues to increase, so does their ability to run modern day, full-stroke dropper posts. Our seat tube is shorter to allow for a longer dropper posts. Most riders will be able to use a 150mm dropper posts on Small frames, 175mm on Medium framesand 200mm+ dropper posts on L-XXL frames* respectively.


A threaded aluminium bottom bracket shell with internal ISCG-05 tabs is co-molded into the carbon during layup. No glued in BB shells here — this critical drivetrain interface is more durable, cleaner, and easier to service.

Bonus PR material:

In the ‘Frame Highlights’ in the PR it says ‘NEW Switch Infinity assembly on T-Series’ What is this?

Structurally, the main design of the switch is very similar, however Yeti Cycles updated several areas that dramatically increase longevity while decreasing friction considerably. Here are those new features:

  • Floating bearing design to ensure perfect alignment.
  • Bearing races are linked together radially and axially for longer life and increased stiffness.
  • More durable bushing backing increase longevity.
  • New gliding material with less friction.
  • Black oxide coated bearings to resist corrosion.
  • Aluminum dust caps cover the bearing to provide additional protection from the elements. This is the most noticeable visual difference.
  • Backwards compatible: can be fitted to any bike using Switch Infinity that didn’t use the SB100/115 Switch assembly.
  • Will be available aftermarket soon after launch.

They have been testing this new Switch for some time, and with some key riders in very wet environments (including Bex). Yeti believe these new updates provide considerably more longevity and less maintenance, particularly in more demanding environments.

Can you confirm the way each bike size has a unique chainstay length?

The Yeti Engineering team was able to use the same rear triangles for each model by controlling the placement of the suspension hard points on the front triangle without negatively impacting our desired kinematics. So every model has its own unique rear triangle, but there is only one rear triangle per model.

Yeti SB160 Availability

Bikes will be available from January 20th, 2023.


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Cotic RocketMAXer. Schwalbe Magic Mary Purple Addix front. Maxxis DHR II 3C MaxxTerra rear. Coil fan. I have been a writer for nigh on 20 years, a photographer for 25 years and a mountain biker for 30 years. I have written countless magazine and website features and route guides for the UK mountain bike press, most notably for the esteemed and highly regarded Singletrackworld. Although I am a Lancastrian, I freely admit that West Yorkshire is my favourite place to ride. Rarely a week goes by without me riding and exploring the South Pennines.

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  • Quick deets on the new Yeti SB160
  • darlobiker
    Full Member

    Finally, the 17% leverage rate we’ve all been waiting for.

    Free Member

    Prices quoted are frame only, I’d guess?

    Full Member

    “the demands of the shorter travel SB120”

    SB115 replacement on the way…?

    Free Member

    eeeek – its going to be close to £5k for a frame only option if the US frame only version is $5k

    really quite insane and scary! whats annoying is its the first time with the number of changes theyve made (tyre clearance, threaded bb, UDH, size specific chainstays etc etc) that i would actually be quite interested in buying one, but the price is absolutely insane – might end up going down the 2nd hand route in a years time unless dealers are offering daft amounts of money off

    Full Member

    Deets? Really?

    Full Member



    Free Member

    ‘We wanted to keep the slightly less breaky Switch Infinity system back,for the 5k frames, so the peasants who buy the cheaper version of our still very expensive bikes get punished for being cheap. We know they’ll love building a close relationship with our warranty department ‘

    Get in the pissing sea.

    Full Member


    Discover the next-generation of translating pivot suspension designs. Setting new expectations for kinematics, longevity, sensitivity, and strength.

    Free Member

    Our patented, two-piece wishbone shock extender is used on the SB140 and SB160

    Reading between the lines I guess Yeti have revised the SB115, SB130 and SB150 then. SB120, SB140 and SB160. Looking forward to seeing the former.

    Full Member

    Interested to see if the new Switch doofer will be handed out for warranty replacement of the old one…

    Full Member

    Pricing is nuts for a frame only but I guess with their rear triangle breaking history you need to also pay upfront for the warranty replacement..

    Full Member

    Pricing is nuts for a frame only but I guess with their rear triangle breaking history you need to also pay upfront for the warranty replacement..

    Rumour has it one comes in the box,.

    The pricing is madness, there is no way there is $9k of value there at all, where is the motor. Makes a discounted Kenevo SL seem good value!
    I’ll bring up the old comparison to the motorcycle world: https://www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk/honda/new-bikes/adventure/nc750x-dct

    Full Member


    A more neutral position keeps riders weighting both wheels more evenly. This makes the bike more agile and sprightly. New reach numbers also scale with travel of each bike.

    Sounds like a way of saying ‘shorter reach than before’?

    Not a bad thing if so, was wondering when this aspect might get pulled back or where it would settle.

    Full Member

    The pricing is madness

    How in the world does Yeti pricing still shock anyone?

    Free Member

    i know but even in the crazy world of inflation these days, £5k for a frame only, it was only just over a year ago the rrp was around 3299 (may have been 3599 or very close but you get the jist) but thats one hell of a ask – its completely priced me out and i have no kids!!!

    Full Member

    Bonkers pricing but I guess you have to pay up front for the multiple switch infinity systems you will need replacing and, as with SC, replacement frames when they snap

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